BBP! Fan Expo 2018 Guide – Day 4 (Sunday)

Hands up if you’re at Fan Expo Canada 2018!

Hands up if you have sore feet!

Fan Expo CanadaOk, you’re arms are probably pretty tired from carrying around all the loot that you’ve picked up over the last three days of meandering through tables and tables and tables of great stuff and line ups of friendly, pop-culture inspired, people.

Sure, you can get a one-day pass – and that’s absolutely great. But Fan Expo Canada, at its heart, is a marathon. If this is your fourth day here, you know that better than most!

First, you grab a coffee. Then, you go through your day visiting all of the vendor tables. And then you revisit them. You run into people that you haven’t seen in a long time. You grab a drink. You make new friends. You grab a bite to eat (‘cos even Superman needs to eat). You listen in all sorts of great and entertaining (and sometimes educational) interviews and symposiums. And you get to see what is one of the most pre-eminent pop culture experiences in all of North America.

Fan Expo Canada 2018 FunkoAll of the stars and the artists were here this weekend. And today, you get to see then all one last time…and perhaps haggle a little bit for that one hardcover book or that one Pop! vinyl you finally decided that you need.

That’s what Sundays at Fan Expo Canada are for.

Here’s a list of some of the fascinating items on the docket today. And, importantly, here’s where you can find your floorplan.

Today’s Schedule of Cool Things:

11:00 AM – Board Game Playtest Alley (Room 718A)

Sunday is shaping up to be a big day for gaming. If you’ve dreamed up the most awesome board game imaginable, here’s your chance to get some important, and unadulterated, feedback on how it plays.

11:00 AM – Offficial Catan Championship Tournament  – National Championship Semi-Finals And Finals (Room 718A)

I’ve got some pals that are deep into this game. Here’s an event that actually means something important – bragging rights and worldwide notoriety! Watch the Catan Canadian Championships – and so who really is the best settler in the land!

12:00 PM – Klingon Food Panel (Room 701B)

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a foodie. But I’ve never had Gagh (pronounced “gawk”), a Klingon delicacy dish, made up of serpent worms. I wonder if it comes with a nice aioli, or a dish best served cold – which is one I have had. It was tasty!

2:00 PM – Kids Costume Contest (Room 714B)

Awe, how cute! The adorableness will absolutely murder you. And give you parents some good ideas for Halloween this year!

4:30 PM – Doctor Who Cosplay Meetup (Cosplay Photo Park, Level 600 South Building)

It seems to me that I have neglected our readers who are Doctor Who fans in the “Schedule of Cool Things” columns recently. Sorry about that, but let me make it u to you with this feat for the eyes!

Well, that’s it for 2018! We here at Biff Bam Pop! hope you had a great Fan Expo Canada experience…and we look forward to seeing at the event next year – it’ll be bigger and better and we’ll be sure to let you know all about it!

Follow us through #FXC18 at: @JPFallavollita and @BiffBamPop and be sure to follow the convention at: @FANEXPOCANADA and #FXC18. To be completely in the loop and to get a heads up on photo ops tickets and times and to scour this year’s exclusive comics and toys and collectibles, etc., visit:

Fan Expo Canada 2018is located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Thursday August 30 through Sunday, September 2. Convention hours are:

Thursday: 4 PM – 9 PM

Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM 

Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

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