Your BBP! Fan Expo Canada 2018 Guide

Fan Expo Canada is a sure thing.

As sure as the cooler mornings, the wasps buzzing in the air, the plans for the last weekend cottage trip are made, and the visit to the dollar store for duo tangs and pencil cases start up again, you know that the summer is about to end.

But before the season takes it’s final bow, Fan Expo Canada has it’s annual four-day pop culture blow out party to make sure you get every ounce of comic book, anime, cosplay, film and TV flavoured fun out of your system before the fall season hits.

You know, the season, where the pop culture batteries charge up all over again!

Fan Expo Canada

Based in Toronto, Ontario, at the Metropolitan Toronto Convention Centre, Fan Expo Canada is Canada’s largest pop culture convention –and truly, one of the largest and most eagerly anticipated cons in the world.

Biff Bam Pop! has been covering it each year since the inception of the site – and that makes this August 30 through September 2, the tenth year running that we’ve highlighted con events, schedules, photo ops, kiosk, displays and a whole lot more!

From interviews with artists and writers and actors to reviews of new comics and video games and panels, Biff Bam Pop! has been there…and will be back again this week.

Beginning Thursday morning and continuing through Sunday, BBP! will be dedicating a column to all the things we think you NEED to see and experience at Fan Expo Canada 2018.

Whether you’ve already bought your one-day pass, your all-con pass or you plan on lining up on a particular day, our morning #FXC18 columns will point you in all the best pop culture directions!

We’ll help you navigate the schedules, highlights, sales and happenings at Canada’s biggest convention dedicated to all the things you love!

To be completely in the loop and to get a heads up on photo ops tickets and times and to scour this year’s exclusive comics and toys and collectibles, visit

Be sure to follow the convention at: @FANEXPOCANADA and #FXC18 – and be sure to check us out each morning…maybe we’ll be crossing paths!

See you thus coming Thursday!

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