Dirty Crime Is A ‘Pearl #1’ On The Wednesday Run – August 15, 2018

Pearl, it must first be said, is a sort of return-to-roots for writer Brian Michael Bendis (Superman, Action Comics, Daredevil, Alias, Jessica Jones) and illustrator Michael Gaydos (Manhunter, Alias, Jessica Jones).

The two have carved out an interesting and storied career in the comic book industry, often working in tandem, after having met each other during their college days.

A-hem. That’s a long time ago.

Perhaps their most acclaimed creation together, is the Marvel Comics super-powered detective, Jessica Jones. The popularity of the character saw her feature in a number of monthly comic book series’ and was spun off into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via her own Netflix series. Starring Krysten Ritter, that television program has seen two seasons of production thus far, with an expected third season ordered earlier this past spring.

One of the hallmarks of Brian Michael Bendis, a long-time Marvel Comics scribe, making the jump to rival comic book publisher, DC Comics, was that he brought his creator-owned imprint publications with him – the Jinxworld series of books.

Along with new ideas, of course.

And that’s what Pearl is. A new series, under the umbrella of the Jinxworld imprint, published by DC Comics.

Pearl 1 Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos Jinxworld DC ComicsPearl #1
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Illustrated By: Michael Gaydos
Published By: Jinxworld/DC Comics

Staying close to his detective fiction leaning, Bendis and Gaydos have crafted a mysterious tale of murder, secrets, and the underbelly of modern San Francisco crime.

In the new monthly series, ‘Frisco may be the backdrop and the Yakuza may be a major player, but it’s the exceptional tattoo artist and accidental assassin, Pearl, that takes center stage.

Born into one life, Pearl dreams of another – but her special ability keeps pulling her into a world of violence and mayhem.

Pearl is a brand-new original creation and makes for an exciting return to the Jinxworld line of characters and stories for Bendis and Gaydos – and more are promised in the near future!

Until then, make the run to your local comic book shop today and enjoy the seedy underbelly of criminality and tortured heroism as you pick up and read Pearl #1!

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