Up, Up, & Away With ‘Superman #1’ On The Wednesday Run

It’s another week of new releases at the local comic book shop and that means another week of Superman topping the list of newly-released reads!

Really, this kind of interest for a character that has a tendency to sometimes drift into “uninteresting mediocrity” is a testament to two things:

  1. DC Comics and their supportive Superman marketing push – giving the character room to breathe with new villains, new characters and new stories.
  2. The allure of famed writer Brian Michael Bendis, who left his long-time home at Marvel Comics to pretty much do whatever he wanted to do with the characters at DC Comics.

And he’s pretty much fulfilling that promise right now.

A few months ago, long time running comic book series (and original home for Superman), Action Comics, celebrated its 1,000th issue of (nearly) monthly publication. As an extra-sized issue full of stories by a multitude of great writers and artists, it was Bendis’ first foray into the world of DC Comics and Superman. We highlighted Action Comics #1000 in this very column, of course. In his short tale, Bendis planted the seeds for a Superman magnum opus.

Directly afterwards, DC released the Bendis-penned Man of Steel six-issue, weekly mini-series, which opened up his story in impressive fashion for all to see! Following a developing pattern of red and blue, we covered that first issue in this column as well. Naturally.

True to form, the writer went straight to Superman’s origin – and changed it, giving the world’s most renowned superhero a new and menacing villain in the process. Superman #1, out today, picks up the plot threads from where everything left off.

Superman #1 Brian Michael Bendis Ivan Reis Joe Prado DC Comics Superman #1
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Illustrated By: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Published By: DC Comics

Joining Brian Michael Bendis on the new monthly Superman series is another comic book industry legend in artist Ivan Reis.

Reis is a fan favourite, and has worked on a number of high-profile titles over the past decade from Green Lantern, to Aquaman, to Justice League to major crossover events like Blackest Night. It’s more proof that DC Comics is betting big on Superman going forward!

The first issue of Superman sees Kal-El looking at the world with a new set of eyes. His long-held beliefs regarding his Kryptonian heritage have been shattered. His family is missing in far-flung space. And the always confidant Superman is wondering what role he needs to play for the city of Metropolis, and what he needs to be for the people of planet Earth.

It’s a new beginning: for Brian Michael Bendis, for Superman and, most importantly, for readers.

Fly – don’t run – to your local comic book shop today and experience that astounding new beginning with Superman #1!

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