A Dalrymple Double With ‘It Will All Hurt’ & ‘Proxima Centauri #1’ On The Wednesday Run

I’ve been a big fan of Farel Dalrymple and his comic book work since taking a chance on his Omega The Unknown series, which he drew alongside writer Jonathan Lethem for publisher Marvel Comics in 2008. That was some brilliant stuff: pen, ink, watercolour and loads of emotion in his characters.

Still, it’s the creator-owned work that tells stories about out-of-the-ordinary kids in an out-of-the-ordinary-world from Dalrymple that really gets fans up in the morning.

And today, fans are making the Wednesday run to their local comic book shops and finding a Dalrymple double bill: the writer/artist has two new books out today, both published by Image Comics.

Now, Biff Bam Pop! has highlighted a number of fantastic Farel Dalrymple works in the past.

In 2016, this very column chose Pop Gun War: Gift as one of the comic books to read. You can catch up on that particular entry right here. Last year, we turned our sights to that book’s sequel, Pop Gun War: Chain Letter, which you can read right here. Earlier this year, BBP’s very own Leslie Hatton got caught up in the Dalrymple excitement and gave a great heads up on what you’ll be finding in better comic book shops today!

You could say that Wednesday, June 13 is truly #DalrympleDay!

That said, here’s the good (Dalrymple) stuff that you should be reading:

Proxima Centauri Farel Dalrymple Image ComicsProxima Centauri #1
Written and Illustrated By: Farel Dalrymple
Published By: Image Comics

Proxima Centauri is a six-issue miniseries that tells the tale of Sherwood Breadcoat, trapped in the spectral zone of the manufactured dimensional sphere called Proxima Centauri. Alongside scientists, ghosts and space wizards, Sherwood aims to escape his predicament, traverse dangers, evade aliens and deal with conflicting emotions so that he can find his brother!

Proxima Centauri is a new work by Dalrymple, who is at his best telling emotional stories about kids and their world; stories that deeply resonate with all readers.

You can read a sneak peek of Proxima Centauri right here. And then, of course, there’s this trailer for the comic book:

Farel Dalrymple It Will All Hurt Image ComicsIt Will All Hurt – TP
Written and Illustrated By: Farel Dalrymple
Published By: Image Comics

It Will All Hurt, on the other hand, is a paperback compilation of some longer-standing work by Dalrymple. This collection assembles the first three issues of It Will All Hurt, as well as six chapters of the web comic – the platform that started it all for the series!

Working again with pen, ink and watercolour, It Will All Hurt takes place in the same world as Dalrymple’s other fantastic creation, The Wrenchies (a book you should also pick up)! Here, Alemendra Clementine and her crew of anti-social adventurers attempt to dispose of an evil wizard. It Will All Hurt is everything that Dalrymple is about: fun stories of fantasy, magic and adventuring, that carry with them heavy themes of childhood lost, dreams, reality, friendship and joy.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and celebrate #DalrympleDay with the rest of us by picking up Proxima Centauri #1 and It Will All Hurt!

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