The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Who Can Be Heroes? (Episode 3)’

The Leftscape is not about punditry. It is about real people considering, discussing, and working through the social and political landscape from a progressive perspective. Sure of the direction they’d like to see the political spectrum move though not always certain how best to navigate toward it, Wendy Sheridan, Robin Renée, and Mary McGinley had a lot to consider in the aftermath of the June 5, 2018 U.S. primaries in New Jersey and California. (Montana, Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, and South Dakota also voted on this day to determine who their candidates will be in November.) Thus, adventures in electoral politics are first up on The Leftscape this week. As casting votes turns out not to be so simple, expressions of determination, ambivalence, strategy, statement, head, heart, and schadenfreude all come into play.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ disinvitation from the White House sparks discussion on protest through sports and celebrity: Who gets to be a hero? What qualities in a sports figure are to be admired? Should people hired to entertain speak out or simply “stay in their lane?” The co-hosts are pleased with the serendipity that “How Taking a Stand for Justice Can Threaten the Careers of Black Athletes” was also released today. Check out this episode of Fresh Air for more conversation.

In the spirit of continuing the celebration of Pride Month, Robin reads an excerpt from “Tove Lo’s Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community” featured in Billboard. The episode ends with a lighthearted chat on “What are we watching now?” Answers include Babylon 5Mozart in the JungleMadam Secretary, and silly YouTube videos.

Listen to The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: “Who Can Be Heroes? (Episode 3)


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