The Week In Horror: Fulci Comics, Halloween Trailer on the way, GTD figure + more

Hello, fiends! It’s time for another Week In Horror.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend and thanked a vet, if you had the chance. So, not a lot going on the world of horror this week, but you might want to go check which publishes the awesome and disgusting Fulci Comics, based on Lucio Fulci’s Zombie and Gates of Hell, with adaptations/continuations of The Beyond and House by the Cemetery on the way.

Zombie has finished the movie story and is continuing into all original territory and it looks rad, kids! I’m going to start a new weekly tradition and recommend a classic movie at the bottom of each edition and maybe we can have a chat about it in the comments through the week. All recommendations will be available to stream on Amazon, at the very least. I won’t be sending you on wild goose chases or asking you to drop a car payment on some out of print gem. For now though, cue the synths..!

Over the weekend, Jason Blum announced Halloween fans will finally get to see the trailer for Blumhouse’s reboot of the John Carpenter classic early next month. Pretty exciting news as this might be the most highly anticipated Halloween film of any sequels or remakes. Jamie Lee Curtis will return for her fifth go around with her (not) brother, with the original Shape, Nick Castle, returning to don the white Shatner mask.


Horror/Sci-fi/Superhero action figure extraordinaire NECA, who have released a number of film icons in highly detailed and super posable plastic, as well as an excellent line of retro figures (like the old clothed, 8″ Mego line from the 1970s), will be releasing a San Diego Comic Con exclusive retro figure of Guillermo Del Toro. The figure has a beautifully detailed likeness of the director. Too bad its a Con exclusive, because it will definitely be going for big bucks on the secondary market.


The Meg, adapted from the Steve Alten novel and directed by John Turtletaub, won’t open until August 10th, but I saw the trailer on the big screen before Deadpool 2 this weekend. I have to say, I was going to rent this movie anyway. I grew up on the first two Jaws films, seeing them both at 4 and 5, and so I’m always looking for that kick ass shark flick to bring back that feeling. I will be seeing The Meg in the theater. It looks so fun. I doubt it will be another Jaws, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t cool.


Lisa and the Devil by Mario Bava, 1974

Not to be confused with the American cut, House of Exorcism, which features additional scenes to make the story fit into The Exorcist craze of the day. Bava’s original vision was a dreamy, creepy, labyrinth of a film starring Elke Sommers and Telly Savalas. Sommers plays a young woman on vacation in Spain, who gets lost in some sort of time loop or pocket dimension, or possibly, some form of Hell and Savalas may be the Devil himself. I don’t think it’s Bava’s best film, but I was riveted watching it this weekend. It’s beautifully shot on location in Spain and Savalas’ performance just gets better and better as the film runs on. Check out Joe Dante discussing the film on Trailers From Hell…

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