The Librarians S04 EP04: And the Silver Screen

On this episode of The Librarians, we get sleuthing, brain robbers, and yodeling. Grab your popcorn and get ready to jump into the movies, literally, with The Librarians and the Silver Screen.


After trying to have a “normal date,” Flynn and Eve are mysteriously sucked into a movie screen, where they become the main characters in one of their favorite noir films.

In an attempt to save The Librarian and The Guardian, the trio unintentionally gets sucked into their own movie adventure.

After learning that there is a method to the madness, the gang must figure out how to escape their cinematic prison.

Not World’s End

I appreciated that in this episode, the plot didn’t include the world’s total annihilation. It was a nice, little something different. Since the stakes weren’t the death of the entire human race, it was easy to get completely immersed in all of the noir goodness.

The script, written by Noah Wyle, was lovely and heartfelt, though I’m pretty sure he wrote this episode just so he could dress up in vintage clothes and speak cool, noir dialogue.

Though I’m sure the cast and crew have fun shooting every episode, I feel like shooting this episode had to be extra fun. There’s a cowboy shoot out, a Stone yodeling solo, a crazy sci-fi villain, and we get some passionate Fleve action.

Jonathan Frakes did a great job directing, and I wondered if he implemented anything he learned from the Star Trek, Dixon Hill episode.

Snazzy Pocket Square

The wardrobe department must have had a ball putting together the outfits.

First of course, was Jenkins’ snazzy pocket square.

Not that she isn’t stunning all of the time, but Eve’s hair, make-up, and clothes, were gorgeous, especially when filmed in black and white. Flynn also looked particularly handsome. I am a sucker for the white buttoned, shirt, suspender look.

Cassie’s cowgirl dress was adorable.

The space make-up was super fun. There aren’t many chances in life to wear metallic, silver, lipstick. The crazy, sparkly, old-school, sci-fi, helmets were fantastic.

I’d absolutely read a comic book series entitled, The Adventures of Young Jub Jub.

To go from noir, to western, to science fiction, was a delight for the eyes.


I’m really enjoying the story-telling going on this season. Though I’m guessing we’ll eventually get down to the business of the season, I’m liking these self- contained stories that add fuel to my imagination’s fire.

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