The Librarians S04 EP03: And the Christmas Thief

This week on The Librarians, brush up on your finger-thumbs, practice your laser maze skills, and give the Patron Saint of Thieves’ shrine a good dusting, we’re celebrating Takesgiving with The Librarians and the Christmas Thief. 


Feeling that his thieving mother does not respect him, Ezekiel introduces her to The Library. Filching the globe that controls the magic door, Lenore Jones goes on a stealing spree, but after stealing an item from the most dangerous and powerful thief in world, it’s up to the trio, with a little help from Santa, to ensure the Patron Saint of Thieves does not have a Happy Takesgiving.

Jenkins Light and Dark

This week, we get a lighter version of Jenkins, the Jenkins that comes to the rescue, to get the kids out of a jam, and doesn’t even tell the parents.

I know that it was meant to be his resort wear, but as Jenkins emerged from the door, to save the day, in gleaming light colors, it started making me contemplate the duality of Jenkins.

This week we saw the light, kind, benevolent, Jenkins, who is always ready to help a Librarian or guardian in need. Last week however, we saw the dark Jenkins. He is the Jenkins who is willing to imprison a fellow immortal, indefinitely, to ensure the Library’s survival. He is the Jenkins who wielded a deadly sword last season.

It does make one wonder, who is Sir Galahad really? Is he as calculated and controlled as he appears to be? Could Jenkins be unraveled? Will we continue to see the darker side of Jenkins as the season progresses?

On a more humorous note, when  Jenkins answered the phone call from the gang, I’m pretty sure he had Zack Morris’ phone from Saved by The Bell. It sent my mind spinning with a crazy mash-up where Zack’s phone is actually an artifact, that allows one to stop time. Saved by The Bell makes total sense now.

We Are Family

Last week, I mentioned how exciting it was to meet Jake Stone’s outside -of -Library- friend.  I hoped we would get more glimpses into the personal lives of The Librarians, and boy do we get a glimpse with this episode.

We get to meet Ezekiel’s mom, and she is more amazing than I could have imagined. She reminded me of a cross between one of the Absolutely Fabulous ladies, and Jackie, Rose’s mom from Doctor Who.  Speaking of Doctor Who, thank you to The Librarians for always giving its geeky audience little nods.

“Our shed is bigger on the inside,” made me cry out with delight.

I also enjoyed The Patron Saint of Thieves calling Santa’s sleigh his “precious.”

We find out that Ezekiel grew up in a family of thieves.

Ezekiel’s background gave me warm, nostalgic, fuzzies. Orphan boy, adopted into a family of thieves, where he learns he has special talents. Then, he goes against his lack- of- morals family, and chooses to do good instead. It reminded me of something out of a Roald Dahl book. It was the same quirky, outrageous, with just a touch of wickedness, stuff, that kick started my imagination when I was a kid. Ezekiel’s pilfering sisters being named Charity, Honor, and Mercy was especially brilliant.

Though it seems that by the end, Ezekiel’s mom has a change of heart, I’m not 100% sure she has completely abandoned her thieving ways. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again in the future for a special heist or two.

I appreciated the message of this episode.

One of my favorite films is Howl’s Moving Castle, because it’s about a group of peculiar individuals who come together to create a family. That is what the characters in The Librarians have done. It’s not that they have completely shunned their original families, but they show that you can have multiple families.

Families that you create where you care about one another, support one another, and yes, even make crazy sweaters for one another.

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