Outlander S03 E12: The Bakra


On last week’s episode of Outlander, Jamie and Claire were again reunited and continued to sail toward Jamaica. Did they reach their destination, in pursuit of young Ian? Please note that spoilers follow if you haven’t seen the latest installment of Outlander.

In the beginning of The Bakra, young Ian is shown being taken aboard his kidnapper’s ship. His captors take the treasure chest on the direction of someone known as The Bakra. When the ship makes landfall in what’s thought to be Jamaica, Ian is held with other prisoners until he is summoned by The Bakra. It turns out that The Bakra is Geillis, who wants to know where her missing sapphire is, as it is not among the recovered treasure. Geillis slipped him some sort of a truth serum in his tea, and young Ian blurts out that maybe his uncle took it. She anticipates that Jamie will come looking for his nephew, and she hopes that he still has her missing jewel.

Geillis is correct. The Artemis finally reaches Jamaica. Jamie’s hoping that they find young Ian and leave before the British captain and his vessel arrive.

After disembarking The Artemis, Jamie and Claire meet Kenneth MacIver, a man employed by Jamie’s cousin Jared. Jamie tells MacIver what business they have in Jamaica. They learn that The Bruja has already come and gone, but MacIver doesn’t know young Ian’s fate. No one at the slave market has seen him, but they find out that the new governor bought the slaves from The Bruja and he is hosting a reception that same night. Jamie and Claire earlier declined an invitation to attend, but now have reason to go.

Meanwhile, Claire causes a disturbance at the slave auction. Jamie smooths things over by buying Claire the man called Temeraire, who she was trying to help while he was on the auction block. The Frasers tell Temeraire that they intend to grant him his freedom when the time is right. He agrees to attend the reception to see if he can find out anything about young Ian.rsz_parasolIt turns out that the wealthy client the Campbells were going to see is Geillis. In order for Margaret to do her reading, she needs all three sapphires, but only has two. Geillis wants to know when a new Scottish king will rise.

Jamie, Claire, and Temeraire arrive at the soiree with Fergus, Marsali and Mr. Willoughby in tow. Claire unexpectedly runs into Archie Campbell.

Jamie is surprised that Lord John Grey is the new governor, and the new governor is surprised to see Claire. Geillis spots them as the trio cross the room to speak away from the rest of the guests. Jamie tells Grey that young Ian was kidnapped, and Grey offers his assistance, telling him he will introduce them to some other people to see if they know anything. Geillis’ missing gemstone is now seen in the possession of Grey.

When she is alone with the new governor, Claire questions him about the sapphire, but becomes visibly shaken and excuses herself when she sees Geillis, who obviously escaped death and found her way to Jamaica. She’s now Mistress Abernathy of Rose Hall. Claire thanks her for saving her life, and Geillis claims she wants to help Claire find young Ian, who they fear has been sold into slavery.

Claire brings Geillis to Jamie and Grey. Geillis sees that Grey has her missing sapphire, and she tells Archie that Margaret needs to do readings at the party. After some cajoling from Geillis and the crowd, the new governor agrees to have his fortune told. Grey gives Margaret his sapphire to hold in order to do the reading, but no one seems to be able to interpret it. When will a Scot become king?

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing again. Captain Leonard is spotted at the reception. Temeraire has news for Jamie and Claire that young Ian was sent to Mistress Abernathy of Rose Hall. They set out for Rose Hall, but they are accosted by Captain Leonard and his men just after Temeraire is freed. Jamie is taken into custody, and torn away from Claire. These two just can’t stay together, can they?

I have mixed emotions for next week’s episode. Of course, I’m looking forward to it as always, but since it’s the season finale, it will be bittersweet. Will young Ian be found, and what will become of Jamie? Mr. Willoughby seems to be charming Margaret, will that storyline go anywhere? One more week to go.

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