It’s A Dark & Looney “Moon Knight #188” On The Wednesday Run

I know there are a number of Moon Knight fans out there, fans from all the way back to the characters first ongoing monthly series in 1980, written by comic book luminary, Doug Moench and illustrated by the culture-shifting work of the now legendary, Bill Sienkiewicz.

Moon Knight.

The hero that proved to be more than a Batman rip-off.

Moon Knight.

The hero with multiple personalities and multiple versions of himself, who’s reality shifts as easily as the sands upon which his Egyptian-lore based origin is told.

This particular column has thrillingly lived through the various iterations of the character over the last half decade…and we’re extremely excited for the new version – which begins today in the pages of Moon Knight #188!


Moon Knight #188

Written By: Max Bemis

Illustrated By: Jacen Burrows

Published By: Marvel Comics


You may be asking yourself: why Moon Knight #188? Why that number?

Over the last few months, Marvel Comics, in an effort to reclaim market share and return their stable of characters to a time and a place where they were riveting, legacy-driven heroes in the minds of readers, has been re-numbering their monthly comic books.

Yes, it’s a bit of a marketing ploy. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what DC Comics did with their extremely success “Rebirth” re-boot where a series would re-start with a new first issue – but the end goals are still the same.

Marvel Comics wants you reading their comics. Over the last few years, they’ve deviated form what made their characters compelling reading. The “Legacy” initiative aims to correct that mistake.

Now, the various Moon Knight publications, over the last five years, have never been a mistake.

On the contrary, the various incarnations of Moon Knight have been some of the best published work Marvel Comics has produced. If you haven’t read an issue, trust me: go out and find their softcover compilations – its fantastic reading. Just look at the who’s who of writers and artists that have worked on Moon Knight lately: Warren Ellis and Declan Shelvey, Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood and Jeff Lemire. We’ve featured those issues in this column here and here. They’ve been great.

Now, as part of the Marvel “Legacy”, musician and writer Max Bemis (Crossed: Badlands, Centipede and Say Anything) and wonderful illustrator Jacen Burrows, fresh off his awe-inspiring work on Alan Moore’s Providence series (featured here and here), take a multi-faceted stab at the reality of the malleable hero. With “Legacy” inspired issue numbering, the team begin a new story in a new phase of the Moon Knight mythos.

This Moon Knight is darker, more steeped in shadow and mystery and horror. And in those darker places, Marc Spector, the Moon Knight, discovers his greatest nemesis!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the latest riveting incarnation of a scrumptiously fascinating character with Moon Knight #188!

 You want to be a part of this “Legacy”!

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