31 Days Of Horror: The Wednesday Run Visits Spooky Riverdale With The “Archie Halloween Spectacular” & More

Riverdale can be a pretty scary place.

Well, maybe it’s just growing up that can be scary at times.

Depending upon what you’re reading (or watching these days!) and between boyfriends and girlfriends, bullies and gossipers, teachers and principals, moms and dads, and all sorts of mischief by friends – Riverdale, home to Archie and his pals, can be a pretty scary place (especially in October!)…but it’s also a pretty interesting and fun place to visit alongside your best fictional pals!

The adventures of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and all the others continue in amazing popularity with kids and adults – over seventy five years after they first saw publication, way back in 1941!

And, keeping up with trends and interests of a twenty-first century fan-base, Archie, like us at Biff Bam Pop!, loves the Halloween season.

Continuing with our month-long 31 Days of Horror theme, that’s why this particular column is focusing on Archie Comics today…and their release of the Archie Halloween Spectacular #1!


Archie Halloween Spectacular #1

Written By: Alex Simmons, Paul Kupperberg & Dexter Taylor

Illustrated By: Pat & Tim Kennedy, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli & many others

Published By: Archie Comics


At 24-pages long, the Archie Halloween Spectacular (wouldn’t it have been more fun to call it the “Spooktacular” or is that just too obvious a pun? Scaretacular, then? No?), out at your local comic book shop, only costs $2.99. That’s a pretty good price point for multiple stories of decidedly warped, but always humorous, fun.

Here, Archie and his pals star in multiple tales of Halloween-themed hijinx, including “Scary, Scary, Doooo!” and “Giving Up the Ghost”, written and drawn by a whole haunted house of Archie talent.

The Archie Halloween Spectacular #1 is great comic book fun for any fan of Archie Comics – regardless of age. Pick it up, read it, and hand it over to your kid for their own Halloween amusement. Use it as a stuffer for Trick-Or-Treat bags and gifts – it’s a great way to get into the spirit of the season!

But that’s not the only October-themed release from Archie Comics this year!

As a double fun pick-up, you can grab the Betty and Veronica Halloween Annual #237, also out today! Written and illustrated by Archie stalwart, Dan Parent, this comic book is a hefty 192 pages at $5.99 and contains numerous short stories including “The Many Loves of Archie Andrews” and “Lodge of Terror”!

 Visit Riverdale…for a scary fun treat!

Make the Wednesday run to your local comic book shop and pick up the Archie Halloween Spectacular #1 and the Betty and Veronica Halloween Annual #237 and celebrate October and Halloween like they should: with lots of spooky-themed fun!

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