Celebrate An Early #WonderWomanDay w. “Wonder Woman Annual #1” On The Wednesday Run

Even if you had your head under a rock, you’d know that there’s a highly anticipated (and finally!) Wonder Woman film being released this weekend!

Early reviews have been positive to absolutely glowing – and that sense of affirmation is just the vaccination that the DC Extended Universe film franchise has desperately needed! With the tent pole Justice League film dropping later this year and the cinematic debut of Aquaman now firmly in production, the Wonder Woman film had a massive pop culture encumbrance to bear on its shoulders.

Indeed, perhaps unfairly, the future of Warner Brother’s comic book universe of films was in absolute jeopardy due to previously dark and critically lackluster movies.

Thankfully, that sentiment is not the same in the comic book world – the wellspring of these globally recognized pop culture icons.

This Saturday, June 3, is appropriately, #WonderWomanDay. Fans around the world will be celebrating the feminist icon with comic book readings, cosplay, theater-goings and much, much more.

But you can get an early start on the festivities today with the release of Wonder Woman Annual #1 – a fantastic introduction to the character for readers of any age!


Wonder Woman: Annual #1

Written By: Greg Rucka & many more

Illustrated By: Nicola Scott & many more

Published By: DC Comics


Acclaimed writer, Greg Rucka, has been at the helm of the monthly Wonder Woman series for just over a year now – and the tale he has been telling (along with series artist, Liam Sharp) has been one of the very best long-form Wonder Woman tales the character has ever been graced with.

And that’s saying something.

The knock against Wonder Woman is that unlike her pop culture peers, Superman and Batman, she doesn’t have a plethora of legendary tales for readers to call a high watermark of storytelling featuring her. And that’s entirely due to so many writers not truly understanding the heart of the character…or not being capable of translating the character into an engrossing visual tale.

For seventy-five years Wonder Woman been around at the pinnacle of pop culture – and epic, well-regarded tales featuring her, are few and far between.

Rucka is a writer who got the essence of Wonder Woman, the Amazon warrior, the fish out of water, the avatar of love, right from the start. He, along with Sharp and the other artists that have graced the monthly Wonder Woman series have been telling a story for the ages. It’s been one of gods and monsters and villains and friendship. And, at the center of it all, is love.

Love for the character. Love as the character.

That’s the real Wonder Woman.

With the double-sized Wonder Woman Annual #1, Rucka and artist Nicola Scott (along with a few other writers and artists) tell short stories featuring the Amazon in her early years as a hero and icon. Here you’ll find the feature tale: her first meeting with Batman and Superman! But flipping through the pages, you’ll also encounter different aspects of the character’s personality in situations that see her fighting a Kaiju monster as well as defending a villain from a crime he didn’t commit!

You can find out a little more by watching Greg Rucka interviewed by DC All Access directly below:


Celebrate #WonderWomanDay early – make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Wonder Woman Annual #1! Get it for yourself or for readers of any age…if you’re planning to see the film in the coming weeks, it’s a great intro to the character!

To find out about Saturday, June 3 #WonderWomanDay events and celebrations near you, as well as celebratory ideas, be sure to click here!

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