Aim For Big Game With “Predator: Hunters #1” On The Wednesday Run

Space aliens and pop culture.

They leave a lasting effect in the mind, don’t they?

Why, just last week, this very column highlighted the highly anticipated release of the new Aliens: Dead Orbit series, published by Dark Horse Comics. That one starred, arguably, the greatest and most horrific alien to ever chest-burst its way on to the silver scree. The comic book release happily coincided with #AlienDay and you can catch that particular column here, if you missed it the first time around.

But there’s another cinematic alien every bit as popular as the double-mawed creature of our nightmares.

And today, Dark Horse Comics is once again behind the furthering of that creature’s pop culture legend.

Today sees the release of the universe’s biggest and baddest big-game hunter with Predator: Hunters #1!


Predator: Hunters #1

Written By: Chris Warner

Illustrated By: Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Published By: Dark Horse Comics


Over the years, Dark Horse Comics has published a multitude of Predator-related comic books. With so much popularity surrounding him, the creature has starred in both his own series and co-starred and/or teamed-up with other characters, notably the previously mentioned Aliens, as well as Batman…and even Archie!

There’s certainly a long history of Predator at Dark Horse Comics.

And writer Chris Warner is one of founding narrators of his safaris. Warner wrote the first Predator comic book mini series – and it was outstanding. Featuring the younger brother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from the seminal first film, it was a story that should have been made into film.

Warner, alongside artists Fancisco Ruiz Velasco, is back at the big hunt with Predator: Hunter – a five-issue mini series and a tale that flips the Predator narrative on its head.

For years, we’ve seen the Predator creature journey to earth for the thrill of the big game hunt…of humans.

But now, the most dangerous prey have teamed up…and the horrific hunters are finally being hunted!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and snipe yourself a copy of Predator: Hunters #1– t’s a trophy worth the mantle of your alien-themed comic book collection!

You can catch a sneak preview of a few pages of Predator: Hunters: #1 right here.

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