Classic & Epic & Eternal Is This “Beowulf” Graphic Novel On The Wednesday Run

beowulfA monster wreaks havoc on a Kingdom.

A hero comes to a King.

A monster needs to be slain.

And so begins the old English epic of Beowulf, a poem that has inspired so many writers and artists in so many different genres: from painting to film to television to fiction to music to even video and board games. Beowulf has touched all aspects of human creativity.

Today, the translation of that ages-old story gets the graphic novel treatment with the beautiful hardcover of Beowulf, published by Image Comics.


Beowulf – Hardcover Graphic Novel

Written By: Santiago Garcia

Illustrated By: David Rubin

Published by: Image Comics


Perhaps you’ve studied Beowulf during your college or university days. Perhaps you’re familiar with the story via cult-fave films such as The 13th Warrior (1999), a personal favourite, or the computer animated Beowulf (2007), starring ray Winstone and Angelina Jolie.

Perhaps you’ve read the story in comic book format before – as this is certainly not the first time Beowulf has been translated into the art form.

But this particular Beowulf is an impressively beautiful version!

Written by Santiago Garcia (Spanish Fever) and illustrated by David Rubin (Ether, The Hero), the 200-page hardcover Beowulf graphic novel is a faithful following of the original text. It captures all of the epic moments and excitement of the Scandinavian characters, locales and undertakings – with a decidedly Spanish lens on storytelling. Quintessentially European in its style makes this Beowulf stand out from all other comparative interpretations.

The visuals by Rubin are intricate, beautifully rendered, and powerful – perfect of the retelling of such a potent narrative. You can catch a sneak peek of them right here.

Perfect for a cold January read (and bettered with the warmth of mead in your stomach), make the run to your local comic book shop and be introduced (or reintroduced) to one of the most influential fantasy tales in the history of language.

Pick up the Beowulf hardcover graphic novel today!

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