The Exorcist S01 E08: The Griefbearers


On last week’s episode of The Exorcist, Father Bennett discovered corpses and cremains in an old warehouse. The priests disagreed on the best course of action to take with Casey. What did they finally decide?

Father Tomas brings Angela to Mother Bernadette’s for Casey’s exorcism, to the great dismay of Marcus. He remarks that only part of her daughter remains, earning a slap in the face from the upset mother, furious she wasn’t told that they found Casey. Chris, Kat, and Henry join the group, and get taunted by the demon. It recognized the older Chris; Kat who almost hit him while driving with Julia; and Henry, who had the biggest reveal of all. He was working and unaware that the demon loosened the screw that caused the scaffolding to fall and hit him, causing his brain injury.

The beast dishes out the best digs to Angela. It tells her that Casey is in hell knowing her mother sent her there. Her daughter is nailed to the floor in a windowless room, alone for all eternity.

The family is removed from the exorcism, and Henry is losing his patience. To calm him and keep him busy, Angela asks him to go home and pack their things. When Casey is returned to them, they will be on the run from the media and police still looking to Casey for murder charges. Henry leaves with Kat.

Media swarm Bernadette’s, asking if Casey is inside. The police won’t remove the group, as they are keeping their gathering to the sidewalk. She refuses to admit the police in for a search, as they have no warrant.

Meanwhile, Father Bennett is getting his stab wound tended to by Lester, as Cherry phones to report the discovery of the human remains that Bennett found. She doesn’t stay on the line long enough for the call to be traced.

The priests are still in disagreement over the presence of Angela at the exorcism. Marcus tells Tomas that you should never give a demon what it wants, but the younger priest insists Angela should be there. The two men engage in a fistfight beside Casey, the demon smiling at its ability to turn the men against each other.

Defeated, Marcus warns Angela of the possible danger of going into the room with her daughter. He tells her to run and leave if the demon attempts to get into her head.

Bennett tells a church official about his ghoulish discovery and Tattersal’s involvement as they are watching the news. Bennett insists it’s not safe for the pope to visit Chicago.

Exorcist Season 1 EP 108

Back at their home, the Rance Family discusses their next move. Henry has them escaping to a small town in Canada, when Chris offers her home in Palm Springs. Henry insists they will be found more easily in California as opposed to Canada. He knows the police are eager to pin the two murders on Casey. Chris says there are more dance schools for Kat near her vacation home, but Kat isn’t planning to return to school.

During the exorcism, the demon gets into Angela’s head, just as Marcus said it might. She doesn’t run as instructed, instead she allows it to show her as a child playing with the Ouija board. It taunts her mercilessly, and she still doesn’t know why it picked her to torment. Angela snaps back to the present after the frightening encounter with the demon, as Casey levitates and crashes to the mattress below.  The demon is gone from Casey, and the tormented girl recognizes her mother. Tomas carries her from Bernadette’s to a waiting ambulance (this ride goes better for everyone involved). It doesn’t take long for the cops to visit the hospital demanding an audience with Casey as soon as she’s able, but Henry plans to lawyer up first. After the police leave, he encourages Kat to consider Chris’s offer of her Palm Springs home and return to a dance school near there.

Exorcist Season 1 EP 108

Celebrating the successful end of a long, difficult possession, the priests meet at a nearby watering hole. They enjoy their revelry before Tomas checks his watch and leaves. The news is on the television, and Marcus sees that a plot to assassinate the pope has been uncovered.

Bennett meets with church officials, who express their disappointment that the pope will not be safe in Chicago. Bennett tells them there are still people loyal to the church, but when he fails to give their names, a plastic bag is slipped over his head in an attempt to choke him.

Tomas is at St. Anthony’s when he approaches a couple from behind, seated in a pew. Jessica is in tears as her husband Jim confronts Tomas. Rather than strike a holy man, Jim vows to report his adultery with his wife to his superior. So much for the rising star. Jessica insists she’ll fix everything, but Tomas isn’t swayed by her tears.

Marcus is at Lester and Cherry’s place when he sees a report of a recent suicide on the television. The guy he wrestled away from Casey in the soup kitchen line killed himself. It turns out his name is John Harplin. Marcus questions how a homeless guy can afford so much ammunition. The answer is, he can’t. There are others involved and it isn’t over yet. Cherry calls Bennett who isn’t answering his phone. Was he killed or merely detained?

I was really enjoying Sharon Gless as Chris on the show. I was hoping she and Angela would bury the hatchet and rebuild their relationship, but that’s pretty hard when Angela snaps her neck and Chris lands in a twisted heap down the stairs. While Casey is free from the demon, it found another host in her mother.

Exorcist Season 1 EP 108

It seems like after every major bombshell we have to wait over a week for the next episode. I’m sure it will be worth it, but a new Exorcist won’t air until December 9. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful you don’t have the Rance Family problems.

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