The Exorcist S01 E07: Father of Lies


On last week’s episode of The Exorcist, we learned that Maria Walters and her cronies were behind the mysterious nine murders, using the body parts for their own summoning. Father Marcus recovered the missing Casey, but was she returned to her family?

“Father of Lies” begins with just that. Father Tomas is seen giving Mass to his congregation, asking for prayers to find Casey, a picture of the young woman perched on a nearby easel as a reminder. He knows he’s not being truthful to his followers, as nine days before he drives Father Marcus and Casey from the lake to Mother Bernadette’s, where the girl remains.

Safe at Bernadette’s, Marcus insists that what’s happening goes beyond a regular possession. Casey’s demon has an axe to grind for her mother escaping it decades ago. Marcus allows Tomas to again help with the exorcism, provided he doesn’t make any more mistakes. Tomas wants to tell the Rance Family that they have Casey, but Marcus tells him it’s better to keep this latest development under wraps. He flat-out instructs Tomas to lie.

Exorcist Season 1 Ep 107

The Rance Family lost their privacy as a result of going public with their story. When they arrive at home, they are greeted by throngs of people, microphones shoved in their faces for a sound bite as they make their way from the car to their door.

Back at Bernadette’s, she shows Marcus a tabloid with a sensational headline and photo. She worries that Casey will be discovered, and news that they have been keeping her secluded from her family will get out. Marcus doesn’t share her concern. She also says that the demon has tripled in strength. If integration doesn’t happen, it will kill Casey. Marcus vows to keep fighting for the girl, although Bernadette is showing signs of giving up.

Tomas meets with a church official more interested in protecting the church than in Casey. He knows there is more to Casey’s story, and he doesn’t want the media to know that an excommunicated priest is performing unauthorized exorcisms. He’s afraid Marcus will cause further scandal, but when asked if he knows his whereabouts, Tomas tells him he does not.

Finally secure in their home after the media swarm, the Rance Family sit down for a television interview. Unfortunately, the reporter is asking probing questions about Angela’s case. After being reminded more than once to keep the focus on Casey, Angela ends the interview.

Meanwhile, Tomas is bit by Casey. He’s tending to his wound when he asks Marcus what happened at the lake. The senior priest explains that he almost drowned Casey during their struggle, but he felt God take control of his hands and He brought her back. Tomas is skeptical. If God saved Casey, he saved the demon. Marcus doesn’t want to question His motives.

The Rances continue to be harassed when they are outside their home. One day they are surrounded by both protestors and supporters. Angela is confronted by the wife of a man killed in the ambulance. She has her fatherless son in tow to make Angela feel even worse, as she explains to the woman that she tried to keep Casey from going to the hospital.

The papal committee is meeting, and Father Bennett points out flaws in the security plan. He also brings up the subject of The Walters’s and Tattersall Landscaping. How can a defunct business contribute almost $3 million dollars to the cause? The subject is quickly changed by another committee member.

Tomas visits the Rance Family and Angela is frustrated with him. She wants to know if the integration has happened and if he thinks Casey is still alive. He tells her he believes she is, but offers no reason for why he feels this way. They have been waiting two weeks for Casey to return, and Angela insinuates that the priest try harder to locate her missing daughter.

Exorcist Season 1 Ep 107

Things aren’t going any better for Casey. The demon isn’t coming out, instead it’s festering inside the girl, killing her from the inside out. Marcus finds out that Bernadette sedated Casey and with her the demon as well. She and Marcus disagree on how to deal with Casey. Marcus wants to continue the fight, but Bernadette believes her suffering should come to a swift end. She informs him that the sisters will tend to Casey, but they will not participate any longer in the exorcism. When Tomas sees Casey’s deteriorated state, he implores Marcus to inform the family so that they can say goodbye. Marcus feels differently, but for a moment Casey bubbles to the surface and tells them “no more.” Is she telling them to let her go?

Meanwhile, Bennett enters a warehouse factory, a Tattersall Landscaping truck parked outside. He explores the building with a flashlight, and finds remains and corpses. He’s attacked for his trouble, fighting with people including the guy who pops up in the series, the one from the soup kitchen trying to get too close to Casey. One attacker was possessed, and it’s unclear if the demon left the man, or left the man and went into Bennett.

Exorcist Season 1 Ep 107

Tomas is angry following another hook up with Jessica, and he enters a pharmacy looking for something to put on his wounded hand. An obnoxious customer comes along trying to engage the priest in conversation while taking a selfie. Tomas starts a shoving match with the man and he gets punched. He calls Maria Walters to come to his aid, relieved the angry customer doesn’t press charges. Tomas shares with her that people think he is rising star in the church, but he feels that he is losing himself.

Bernadette passes Marcus a note as he is beside Casey. It reads, “Let her go. It is time.” He holds the poisonous concoction in his hands but is unable to administer it to Casey. He tells Bernadette that he feels God take control of his hands, and he cannot go through with it. Angela enters the room and we see the demon smile broadly at the one who got away.

It looks like the priests bring Angela in on the exorcism next week. How will the demon respond? We’ll find out next Friday.

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