DC Legends Is Great – Here’s How It Could Be Better

Marvel’s been making a lot of noise in the app gaming market for a few years. Although DC has remained competitive, the company may have just made its biggest move yet to take on the likes of Marvel’s Contest Of Champions and Marvel Future Fight. That new move is the rollout of DC Legends, a brand new app designed by Warner Bros. and combining all of the best elements of superhero mobile games.

In this game, the Blackest Night prophecy has fallen on the world and your job is to assemble your own team of DC heroes and villains, take on Nekron, and restore peace to the world. Along the way you can interact with a robust array of characters, master different types of combat, and take on other live players in various competitive leagues. Simply put, the game thrives for two reasons. It’s thorough in its content, and it is presented in a visually appealing, action-packed, and legitimately challenging manner. This is a high-end mobile superhero game.

However, because a game like this one is built for consistent updates (the app page at the iOS store even explicitly states it will be updated alongside new DC films, shows, and news) you can’t help but immediately wonder how it could be better. There are doubtless a lot of suggestions out there, but we’re going to focus on a specific idea, which is adding depth to characters. The playable heroes and villains of DC Legends have their own looks, moves, and special attacks, but further depth of character would make the game feel that much more real to DC fanatics. Just for fun, here are a few suggestions.

Use Batman’s Wealth

Christopher Nolan did a fine job of emphasizing Bruce Wayne’s estate in his films, but in other modern interpretations it’s surprising how little the character’s wealth actually factors in. As a reminder, an online platform best recognized for its predictions and gaming options for the Irish lottery produced an article looking at a number of fictional characters with lottery-level wealth. And Bruce Wayne/Batman was listed as one of the richest fictional characters in history! So why not play up this dramatically significant aspect of his character? The Batman character could be able to earn currency through wins and maybe purchase (or develop at Wayne Enterprises) new gadgets and weaponry. It’s a small thing but it would help to make the character significantly more realistic.

Make Green Arrow Trickier

Cover shot, multishot, trick shot…Green Arrow exists in this game with a range of special attack options that help bring the character to life. But this should be taken even further for the sake of the game rather than just DC lore. The Arrow TV series has been one of DC’s biggest successes so it only makes sense to use this to further expand Oliver Queen in the video game to be more of the sly and tricky archer is in comics and the show.

Get Cinematic With Wonder Woman

It’s a little bit disappointing and baffling that the DC Legends version of Wonder Woman doesn’t really resemble the Warner Bros. cinema character at all. The Wonder Woman trailer just came out and Gal Gadot seems to be absolutely rocking the lead role, although one site known for film news and recaps pointed out that the preview hinted that the movie will differ from the comics in a several key ways. Gadot was already most people’s favorite part of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and her solo film will be the first superhero movie to star a woman in the leading role. That all ought to be celebrated by an updated DC Legends Wonder Woman created more specifically in Gadot’s image.

Add Sidekicks

The game will surely add more characters over time, but it could distinguish itself a little by adding some sidekicks for certain main heroes and villains to use. The idea comes from Marvel: Contest Of Champions, which allows Groot and Rocket Raccoon to join forces on a few special attacks, even though both are playable characters on their own. Something similar could be done here with, say, Batman and Robin or Joker and his miscellaneous clown stooges.

This is a fun and impressive game, but we can’t wait to see just how much better it gets over time!

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  1. I’m gonna admit I miss Marve; Avenger Alliance everytime I log onto Facebook. This is proving to be interesting but it doesn’t quite scratch the same itch. I can’t believe how much I miss neat team up bonuses.

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