Revisited: “Suicide Squad” Easter Eggs Wants

Suicide Squad posterWith the obvious front-loaded fan base of the Suicide Squad film, David Ayer’s critically panned flick still made mad money in its first weekend of release to the tune of $135 million.

And then it managed to defy hugely lowered box office expectations in its second weekend, bringing in another $45 million.

We all know that critical appraisals haven’t been kind, but we have our more upbeat review of the flawed movie here, if you’re interested in a little Internet positivity. I know. It’s tough to come by these days.

Like all big comic-book-to-film movies, we here at BBP are always wanting Easter Eggs and, despite the relative obscurity of its’ main characters, it was no different with Suicide Squad. In fact, the fertile grounds that give birth to these kinds of Eggs might have never been riper!

You can catch up on our Suicide Squad Easter Eggs Wants right here, but now that we’ve all seen the flick, let’s find out if we got the secret, tasty eggs we were hoping for!

Justin Mohareb’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Editor’s note: Justin’s respective Easter Egg wants included: A bit on the history of the DEO and appearances of the Challengers of the Unknown and Intergang – near long shots or impossibilities one and all.

Imagine there’s a picture of a cat wearing sunglasses and looking upset here.

 Editor’s note: How’s this, Justin?

Grumpy cat wearing sunglassesSo Suicide Squad has come and gone (and wow, look at that box office!).  Did any of my predictions come to pass?

Good lord, no.  I took at least one of them semi-seriously, but it turned out to be for naught. The only sight of the greater DC Extended Universe was Batman and The Flash. We got mention of Argus but that was about it.

At least the plot line of the film wasn’t as racist as the original comics.

I should have written a joke about Margot Robbie’s bum in our “Easter Egg” piece. That got a LOT of screen time.

And can we just raise a glass for Adam Beach? I mean, the guy’s a legit entertainer here in Canada (three seasons of Arctic Air, people!) and he got treated with a complete lack of respect in this film.  Being cast as Slipknot?



JP Fallavollita’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

A Broader, Covert, DCCU

Well, other than Justin’s previously mentioned “Argus” nod, there was nothing to indicate that there are a number of black ops organizations within the DC slate of films, present or upcoming. That’s a bit of a shame. A deft hand would have had someone like King Faraday at the government table in Suicide Squad. He wouldn’t even have had to say anything, just sit there in the shadows and nod or shake his head. An action like that would have had larger reverberations than the tiny role they gave Scott Eastwood, after all.

Heck, they should have made Scott Eastwood King Faraday!  That seemed a bit of a missed opportunity, him playing “Random Soldier #14” didn’t it?

Still, the landscape for groups of spinoffs, like Checkmate, can easily be hatched from whatever Warner Brothers is creating.

More on the Joker/Robin Relationship

Harley Quinn accomplice to the murder of RobinTechnically, we didn’t get any more on the whole Joker/Robin relationship, as alluded to in the Batcave scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

That said, there is the still in the movie showcasing Harley Quinn’s bio that states that she was an “accomplice in the murder of Robin”.

That’s some fair-sized news! It certainly deepens the intrigue as to the story behind Robin’s death – and, inherent in that thought, the history (and drama!) behind Batman and his archenemy, the Joker! A tidbit for a future Batman film, no doubt.

Justice League Dark Tie-In

Justice League DarkNothing here in Suicide Squad. Not overtly, anyway. And that shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

But with the Suicide Squad battling an enchanted Goddess from another time – you can’t help but think that “magic” is firmly rooted in this DC Extended Universe series of films – whether you like it or not. And that opens up a whole host of possibilities ranging from the desperately wanted Justice League Dark (or whatever WB/DC end up calling them), to Swamp Thing, to Deadman, to a revamped John Constantine, Hellblazer!

Hell, why not showcase the entire Trenchcoat Brigade and bring Timothy Hunter into the mix? Go ahead, click on the Wiki links.

In any case, one still wonders where Warner Brothers is leading their whole DCEU. Maybe we’ll finally get clearer direction with next year’s Wonder Woman.

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