Top Six”Suicide Squad” Easter Egg Wants

Suicide Squad posterSo, this week is a big, big, week for Warner Brothers, DC Comics and, chiefly, the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU).

I mean, as filmgoers and comic book fans, we could all be witnessing the glorious renaissance of a shaky film franchise… or we could be spectators to the greatest ruin of pop-culture potential in our lifetime.

And really, with Suicide Squad, it could go either way. Where are you putting your bets?

We here at Biff Bam Pop! know to put our bets on Easter Eggs, those glorious in-the-know nods to storylines, characters, or pop culture history, hidden inside the films we watch and love.

For regardless of how the eagerly-anticipated Suicide Squad does at the box office this weekend (and over the coming weeks), you can be sure the filmmakers have dusted their offering with Easter Eggs from comic books of yore…and the hoped-for film sequels.

Here, then, are two of Biff Bam Pop’s contributors, detailing the Easter Eggs they’d love to see in the Suicide Squad film!

Justin Mohareb’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Original Suicide SquadSo, Suicide Squad is almost here! It’s definitely a quirky choice for the third film in the DC Cinematic Universe. Next year we get Justice League and Wonder Woman, which both look interesting in their own ways. What would I like to see in Suicide Squad? A few things:

A Bit on the History of the DEO  

The organization which will (theoretically) be the sponsors of the Suicide Squad can only exist if we’ve got a few years (decades?) of superhuman oddness going on. Will we hear about Rick Flagg, Sr., founder of the original Task Force X? I doubt it.

The Challengers of the Unknown 

Challengers of the UnknownOkay, yeah, not in a MILLION YEARS. But you ask the universe for crazy things and sometimes you get acknowledged. I’m just saying that it’s not likely that Batman put ALL of these guys in jail. So maybe another vigilante may have put, say, Slipknot away. And maybe it wasn’t one guy, but five in purple jumpsuits. Shut up; YOU’VE set your hopes too high.


With the arrival of Darkseid as the Justice League’s main enemy, a criminal enterprise supplied by him would be a great source for some of the SS’s equipment, training, or special abilities.

Of course, unlike the MCU films, we are going into this almost blind: imagine if, say, Guardians of the Galaxy had come out right after Iron Man 2.  It’ll be neat to see what they put in this film to help build connections between it and the larger narrative they’ll be constructing.

JP Fallavollita’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

A Broader, Covert, DCCU

CheckmateThe Suicide Squad is just one of many covert, government-organized and run agencies that exist within DC Comics. It would be great to see the existence of other groups operating within the DC Cinematic Universe. Who knows? Maybe one or two of them could find their way into a spin off! Specifically, I’m thinking of the Checkmate agency, full of human and meta-human members in chess-piece codename roles such as King, Queen, Knight, Bishop and Rook (and sometimes further distinguished by the colours of Black and White). It’d be great to see them fighting crime and terrorism behind the scenes. After all, in the Suicide Squad trailer, Amanda Waller does make mention of the US government operating groups of their own metahumans to go up against other metahuman agencies. And how about a mention – or appearance – of King Faraday, I Spy!?!

More on the Joker/Robin Relationship

Robin and Joker BvSFrom the bloated but enjoyable Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film from earlier this year, we know that the grizzled and older Batman has seen his share of crime. In one of the more famous Easter Eggs from that film, we see a Robin costume on display in the Batcave. Spray painted on that costume are the words “Ha Ha Jokes On You Batman” – an obvious nod to the Joker and the famous “Death in the Family” comic book storyline wherein the Clown Prince of Crime killed Batman’s sidekick. With Jared Leto giving us an entirely different interpretation of the Joker in Suicide Squad, it would be a great opportunity to give present audiences with more of that particular story.

Justice League Dark Tie-In

Justice League DarkIt’s no secret that Warner Brothers has had a long-in-development Justice League Dark/Dark Universe film on its back burner. Maybe it’s a side burner. Maybe it’s just been left on the shelf. With acclaimed film director Guillermo del Toro once attached, the movie that would introduce audiences to the darker, more magical aspects of the DC Universe has only been spoken of in hushed tones – even though del Toro handed in a finished script in early 2015 and then promptly left the project due to other commitments and the slow-moving process of getting his script green-lit. We’ve seen dark, magical elements appear in the Suicide Squad trailer. Enchantress, one of the members, has her origins steeped in magical lore and the main, if still unrevealed, antagonist, seems to be some sort of otherworldly entity. Can we get a dark, magical, Easter Egg, please?

Be sure to check back with Biff Bam Pop! over the coming days for reviews, articles and all sorts of Suicide Squad miscellany!

Suicide Squad opens in theatres on August 5, 2016.

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