Get Born Again & Again & Again With Multiple REBIRTH #1’s On The Wednesday Run

Superman Rebirth 1 coverLast week, DC Comics released DC Universe: Rebirth #1, a comic that made this very Wednesday Run column, which you can check it out right here. DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is a quadruple-sized revamp of the DC Universe, following the last four-plus years of “New 52” continuity.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free to look it up on Wikipedia.

Suffice it to say, the fortunes (namely market share) for DC Comics have dwindled in comparison to Marvel Comics the last few years – and stories had taken a turn away from all the things that fans loved in DC Comics to begin with: legacy, love, and hope.

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 aimed to bring all of that back to the publishing company’s monthly comic books with a weekly roll-out of brand new first issues.

Today, the proof is in the pudding with a multitude of those issues finally being released! Follow me after the jump as the DC Universe gets re-birthed!

Instead of ending all of their monthly titles and re-starting them with brand new #1’s like they did with the launch of the “New 52”, DC Comics seems to have taken a page out of the Marvel Comics way of marketing: release new, fanfare series, in dribs and drabs. Calling it “Marvel NOW!”, this maneuver is generally a bit of a slow play and has been a great, albeit, well-used strategy for Marvel over the last few years.  We’ll see how successful it is for DC Comics in the longer scheme of things.

That said, there are new stories and new status quos for some of DC biggest heroes in the offing. Follow me after the jump for today’s samplings for you to choose from!

Superman: Rebirth #1

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi

Illustrated by: Doug Mahnke and Jamie Mendoza

Published by: DC Comics

Written by Peter J. Tomasi, who had a memorable run on Green Lantern Corps a few years back and a very well received run on Action Comics more recently, Superman: Rebirth #1 sees Kal-El back on the Kansas homestead, teaching his son what it means to be “super”. The son becomes the father, indeed! But someone is hunting the Boy of Steel – and, of course, the world still needs a Superman!

Green Arrow Rebirth 1 coverGreen Arrow: Rebirth #1

Written by: Benjamin Percy

Illustrated by: Otto Schmidt

Published by: DC Comics

Finally! To the delight of Green Arrow fans around the world – the Emerald Archer is back with his one, true love, Black Canary!

DC made a strange decision when it came to the “New 52”: in an effort to re-boot everything, they lost the aspect of legacy in their characters – something that fans dearly want out of their DC heroes. In addition, they also made their heroes younger, and de-coupled them from long-standing partners. That was to the detriment of many characters, including Green Arrow – who is synonymous with Black Canary. Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 brings them back together – the way it should always be!

Green Lanterns Rebirth 1 coverGreen Lanterns: Rebirth #1

Written by: Sam Humphries and Geoff Johns

Illustrated by: Ethan Van Sciver and Ed Benes

Published by: DC Comics

So, here’s one of the biggest and, perhaps, most enticing changes to be seen in the whole DC Universe: Rebirth extravaganza: new Green Lanterns, together in a new series, dedicated to a female lead and one of a middle-eastern ethnicity! Hello diversity! Isn’t that what’s at the heart of the Green Lantern Corps – and should be for its variety of readers?

Rookie Green Lanterns, Jessica Crus and Simon Baz – some of the most interesting characters that have come out of the ”New 52”, lead the way, tackling the universe’s toughest beat: earth.

Batman Rebirth 1 coverBatman: Rebirth #1

Written by: Tom King and Scott Snyder

Illustrated by: Mikel Janin

Published by: DC Comics

Well, you know that Batman has to take part in any new DC Comics launch, right? Here, the Caped Crusader gets to start over in Gotham City, butting heads with the Calendar Man while developing a new hero named after the very city that he protects: “Gotham”. It’s a story that both delves into the famous city and its inhabitants – and one that attempts to reconcile Batman’s place and legacy within it!

There you have it!  Four new series to get enthused about! Next week we’ll see more, as well as the week after that. And if any of them peak our interest, we’ll be sure to let you know about it in this very column.

Until then, make the run to your local comic book shop, pick up the Rebirths, and let us know what you think of them!

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