Supergirl S01 E18: World’s Finest


So while other DC Comics superheroes, who shall remain nameless, are fighting amongst themselves at the box office – some are making friends and teaming up. I’m talking about Supergirl and the Flash, who crossover from their competing networks to battle the combined forces of Livewire and the Silver Banshee in the current episode of “Supergirl.” Meet me after the extra-dimensional jump for my thoughts on “World’s Finest.”

World’s Finest

As with when Green Arrow and the Flash first teamed up over on the CW and used the title of a DC Comic where Batman used to team with other heroes (Brave and the Bold), this teaming of Supergirl and the Flash borrows the name of World’s Finest Comics, a DC title where for over forty-five years teamed Superman with Batman on a regular basis. Notably, they were not fighting each other in each issue… because they were best friends. My, how times have changed…


Anyone who reads my reviews of “The Flash” here at Biff Bam Pop! knows that one thing I enjoy about the series is its joy and how much Barry loves his super powers and helping people. “Supergirl” is a TV series that shares those qualities in their characters, and it’s also why I love the show so much, and probably why I’m excited for the girl of steel and the scarlet speedster to be teaming up. It’s also pretty exciting to see the Flash jumping from the CW to CBS so easily. I can remember as a kid how when “The Bionic Woman” moved to NBC, she couldn’t team up with “The Six Million Dollar Man” any more because he was still on ABC. Stupid networks…

The Villains

Both of our baddies this episode are foes of Supergirl, probably because it’s her show. But now if we’re being truthful, Supergirl hasn’t faced all that many enemies who weren’t already villains of Superman’s. It’s a sad state of affairs, occurring throughout this first season with Bizarro, the Master Jailer, the Toyman, Non, and returning adversary Livewire – they are all Superman villains. Even Maxwell Lord, who isn’t specifically a Superman foe, I don’t think has even met Supergirl in the comics. I know she doesn’t have many, but how about a Supergirl foe or two?

Livewire, who first fought Superman in his DCAU animated series then translated to the comics, is returning for revenge this episode. A shock jock with electrical powers, she is being paired with the Silver Banshee, yet another Superman foe at first, this one from the John Byrne era. Besides a rather nasty death touch, and super strength and endurance, the banshee also has a sonic scream not unlike that of the Black Canary. Her character had been introduced on “Supergirl” a few episodes back, as a competitive assistant with Kara at her job.

Crossing the Streams

For most of the second season of “The Flash” has been concerned with threats from another Earth, supposedly Earth-Two, and travel back and forth has been a thing, and a problem. On Barry’s first trip to what might be Earth-Two, he saw visions of other Earths, including Supergirl and her world, and now, here he is.


Now we don’t actually know what happened on either side of the Flash’s journey to Supergirl’s Earth, but we can guess. Barry is wearing the tachyon device first seen back in “The Man in the Yellow Suit” and used to amplify the speed of a speedster. While wearing it, Barry could most definitely achieve the velocity to travel across dimensions, and it’s been noted he’s been trying to get back to Zoom’s Earth. Perhaps we’ll find out tomorrow evening on “The Flash.”

Starting Gate

We begin the episode like it’s any other episode of “Supergirl,” here’s what went before, and the pick-up of last time’s cliffhanger. In this case it’s Siobahn discovering her Silver Banshee powers and being examined at the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations). The only hint that this might be a very special episode is the hashtag at the bottom of the screen, #SupergirlXTheFlash.


As it turns out, Siobhan is not an alien, which is what Supergirl usually fights and what most of the threats on this show usually are. She might be metahuman, something this world in the DC TV Multiverse hasn’t heard of. Nice appearance by the female Professor Hamilton, I wonder if her first name is Emilia or Emily?

Speed Date

Siobhan isn’t happy with her time at the D.E.O., nor is she happy with current beau Win. Stalking off, she continues to be bothered by a ringing in her ears and hallucinations of her as yet unidentified Silver Banshee persona. When she snaps, she visits CatCo and blows Kara out a window with a sonic blast. As she falls, the weirdest thing happens…


The Flash pops out of nowhere, complete with his own theme music, and saves Kara from the fall and speeds her to safety outside the city. Even though they don’t know each other, have never heard of each other, they can tell they have something in common, and more than wardrobe. Oh boy, is the Flash ever on the wrong Earth…

The Blur

Barry slips seemlessly into the muted soap opera that is Supergirl’s life, injecting jealousy into the already unstable Kara/James/Win triangle. Of course the soap is nothing compared to what Barry has on his own show, life, and network. In fact, one of the episode’s best lines comes from Cat when addressing Kara, Barry, James, and Win, “You look like the attractive, yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.”

Cat then names the new hero The Blur. When Barry suggests The Flash, Cat says it sounds like his super power is jumping out of an alley with an open trench coat. Hmmm… where is Cisco when you need him? Coincidentally The Blur is what the man of steel was called the Daily Planet in the old “Smallville” before becoming Superman. Nice touch.

Unholy Alliance

After a visit with her aunt, Siobhan finds that her powers are a family curse, one that can only be broken by killing the person that wronged her. But how can she kill Kara when Supergirl appears to be protecting her? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Siobhan returns to the DEO and frees Livewire. Smart cookie, this Silver Banshee.

Of course the good guys have their own alliance in place. The Flash fits in well with the D.E.O., and together they are able to find Livewire. The two heroes go after her, but are confronted by two super-villains. Lack of planning and being ready for the unexpected get our heroes trashed. Livewire and the Silver Banshee are quite a dangerous pair, makes one wonder how Supergirl would handle them alone…

Happy Endings

Almost like a student exchange program, the Flash, in his short visit, is able to give this show many of the things and tied up loose ends it has needed. He gives romance advice to Kara, he gives superhero advice as well, he helps National City’s police department set up a way to hold metahumans, and he shows that Cat isn’t as dumb as she seems when it comes to secret identities. This was a good team-up for both parties involved.


Even the thing about the people of National City not trusting Supergirl is solved. There are shades of Superman II running through it, but I’m glad it happened, and also glad that in the aftermath of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’m not the only one who remembers that Superman’s true weakness in the eyes of his enemies is that he cares. So does Supergirl. That’s what real heroes do. This was awesome. I’m can’t wait for more “Supergirl,” more of “The Flash,” and more of them together…


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