Action Is Your Reward With SPIDER-MAN #1 On The Wednesday Run

Spider-Man #1 coverIt’s not like Miles Morales, the star of today’s Spider-Man #1, is new, per se. The character, as the masked Spider-Man, has been around for five years now.

But he’s still the new kid on the block.

He’s still learning that the city, the world, the universe – is a big, big place.

He’s still learning that he doesn’t entirely fit in.

And he’s still learning that with great power comes great responsibility.

Follow me after the jump as I sling the web of reasons detailing why you need to be reading Spider-Man #1!


Spider-Man #1

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrated by: Sara Pichelli

Published by: Marvel Comics

I suppose it only makes sense that numerous Marvel Comics publications have made this weekly Wednesday Run column as many times as they have so far this year: Secret Wars #9 on January 13, Silver Surfer #1 on January 20, Old Man Logan #1 on January 27.

And now it’s Spider-Man #1’s turn.

Marvel Comics has re-launched itself over the last few months, publishing a number of absolutely fascinating books, starring a number of fascinating characters, with a number of talented creatives telling those stories.

Spider-Man is, of course, the next in line!

Miles Morales, the protagonist of this Spider-Man series, is the Black Hispanic teenager of the Marvel Ultimate Universe (Universe-1610 for those in the know). The Ultimate Universe was a series of publications that aimed to re-establish and re-tell stories featuring the various characters of the Marvel Universe (Universe-616 for those that need to know), that everyone knows and loves. In this Universe, since its beginnings in the year 2000, expectations could be – and often were – shattered. Created by fan favourites, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, that’s where Miles Morales comes from.

But you don’t need to know any of that.

At the end of the recent Secret Wars story line, all of those various Marvel Universes, including the Ultimate Universe-1610, commingled into one, all-encompassing Marvel Universe. That means multiple versions of Spider-Man super-heroing in New York City!

Yes, Peter Parker, that Amazing Spider-Man, still exists, but this is very much a Miles Morales action/adventure story – and we’re lucky for it.

As a teenager, Miles is going through all of the difficulties that make the life of a young man in the big city…interesting. This is the stuff that readers of the original Spider-Man loved: stories of maturity, of heartbreak, of hard choices. Of finding one’s place in the world.

Not only is Miles Morales “new” to adventuring, his stories are distinctly different from those that we once read when we flipped through the pages of the teenage Peter Parker as Spider-Man, a character who very much grew up over his decades of publication history. These stories, on the other hand, are very much twenty-first century stories regaling us with twenty-first century issues. And Miles Morales is a visible minority, making these stories distinct from all other Spider-Man stories that have come before.

Miles is very much his own character – and one that you, along with many other readers, will love.

Original Miles Morales writer and artist, Bendis and Pichelli, have returned to their creation, adding him to the Avengers team, fighting alongside Captain America, Thor and Iron Man and balancing super heroics with family, study and dating. And, as we know, with great power comes great responsibility – regardless of who wields that web-slinging ability!

“THWIP” your way to your local comic book shop today and pick up the exploits of Miles Morales in Spider-Man #1!

You can catch a sneak peek of Spider-Man #1 right here!

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