The Expanse S01 E09/10: Critical Mass/Leviathan Wakes


Space Blob is the word! On last week’s episode of “The Expanse” Holden and Naomi encountered one hell of a bio-weapon and, Miller finally found Julie. In the two-hour season finale Holden and Miller become allies and try to learn the truth behind the connection with Julie, Phoebe and the Anubis.


In one of the best episodes of the series, we were able to connect the dots, but at a cost. Miller and Holden have found the lone survivor of the Scopuli… or what’s left of her. With flashbacks we learn that Julie was about to intercept the science vessel, Anubis, because her father’s bio-weapon that was meant to use against the Belters, was on that ship. But nothing is as it seems and it turns out the Anubis is really a stealth ship.


Julie may have been a rich kid, but she was nothing like her father. She was a renegade, putting the welfare of the Belters before family obligations. The crew of the Anubis crew is compromised by the bio-weapon intended for the Belters. Julie becomes infected by the blue glowing blob and escapes in the Anubis 1A shuttle.

“The Expanse” is touted as a top grade science fiction series, but we are given so much more than what we expected. Yes, the special effects and the science are there, but there is a story and, there are people that we find ourselves caring about. Dawes was aware that Julie was in trouble, and yet, he never came for her. Why? I’m guessing that Dawes knew that this blob was able to consume energy including the energy inside a human body.


Julie died alone, the infection overtaking her body. She died a horrific death. She died just as Miller, Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex come kicking down the door, never knowing that a cop she never met had fallen in love with her.


Steven Strait was absolutely fabulous as Holden in tonight’s episode. When Holden realizes that Miller (Thomas Jane) is too devastated over Julie’s death to think straight, he takes control of the situation.


Team Roci and Miller make it to the lobby where Sematimba warns them the CPM are on their way. While Holden, his crew and Miller try to make their way to the Roci, Dresden and his gang of mercenary cops show up.


Dresden, who is working for Jules Pierre Mao, takes samples from Julie’s body. Apparently the blue glowing blob is only dangerous when wet. Dresden tells Julie’s father that there is enough of the weapon inside Julie’s body to experiment on the citizens of Eros. It seems that greed is alive and doing well even in our future. The powerful and rich Mr. Mao gives the command to infect everyone on Eros, but how do you keep people from becoming suspicious?


The CPM thugs tell the people of Eros that there is a radiation leak, and then, begin injecting them with Iodine aka blob. Holden’s crew and Miller are trapped on Eros with a lot of infected people. Team Roci split up when Miller recognizes Dresden from Julie’s recording. Naomi promises to wait for Holden.

Naomi on Ep 9

We don’t know enough about Dominique Tipper’s character, Naomi, but she knows her shit and she is fast becoming one of my favorite characters. She may be tough, but she worries about people. On her way to the docks, she offers to take a few Eros survivors with her, but they’re not about to trust strangers. From the start of the season, Naomi has proven to have great leadership qualities, but it sucks being in charge.


This woman is one cold hearted bitch, but Shohreh Aghdashloo does a great job of making this character kick-ass. Chrisjen uses the excuse of paying her respects to Frank DeGraaf’s widowed husband, but she was only there to learn his secrets and takes his pencils which are really data drives.


While she’s learning about the advanced fusion prototype on the Anubis, she gets a broadcast from Fred Johnson. Maybe, Chrisjen has to watch her own back now that she knows about the prototype.


Fred Johnson knows that a UNN warship is heading his way and that Nathan Hale intends on blaming him for the destruction of the Donnager, but Fred has an ace up his sleeve; the chip from the dead Martian. The Stealth Fighters that destroyed the Donnager came from the Bush Naval Shipyards on Earth. This news is spread to the far corners.


This episode was non-stop action. As the situation on Eros Station turns into a nightmare, Holden and Miller are hit with a heavy dose of radiation and although they found something to slow the unavoidable horrid death from radiation poisoning, they still have to get past the CPM thugs.


Finally, we get to meet Julia and we like her. It was a short run for actress Florence Faivre, but in this season finale, she won us over. Is it possible to fall head over heels in love with someone you’ve never met? Miller did. Holden never killed anyone, but to get back to the Roci, you do what you got to do. Miller does get to kill the thug who staked Havelock to the wall

While Holden and Miller make their way to the Roci, Chrisjen tells her husband to take the children to Luna. She now knows that someone is trying to start a war between Mars and Earth and that Frank did not commit suicide. Frank was killed by Errinwright. Chrisjen is next on the list.


It was sad to see Sematimba die, but he should have never pulled a gun on Naomi, especially, when Amos was around. But, don’t shed too many tears for Kevin Hanchard’s character. Hanchard is a regular on the BBC America hit show, “Orphan Black” and he plays a cop on that show too.

Just when you thought this episode couldn’t get any better, we get to meet the bio-weapon face to face. While Holden, Miller and the Roci crew make their escape from Eros, Kenzo is attacked by the blue glowing blob that has now taken on humanoid shape and sucked into the ever growing giant bio-weapon.


Like I said, The Expanse is science fiction at its best. In the season finale we realize that even in the future, life sucks if you’re poor and, that corporations and governments are in the business of making money, even if it means infecting thousands of their citizens and starting a war.


We’re still not privy to all that Errinwright and Mao are planning with the bio-weapon, but there is a fly in their ointment. No one, except a select few, know that the Roci and its crew are out there and, that bio-weapon is becoming its own entity. See you on Season two, my little space cadets.

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