Aw Shucks, It’s Millar With His HUCK #1 On The Wednesday Run

Huck1Everybody remembers that scene, in that movie, don’t they?

Revered American comic book superhero creation, a fictional emblem for those who believe in truth and justice and all things inherently good, snapping the next of his most feared enemy.

Yep. That scene from the Man of Steel film a few years ago.

Many people had serious problems with Superman killing the evil General Zod in Man of Steel. Superman is inherently good, after all. He doesn’t murder. He always finds another way. We here at Biff Bam Pop! discussed that very issue and that very scene in our Biff Bam Popcast! and we wrote about it here.

Acclaimed comic book writer Mark Millar decided to write a new, ongoing comic book series because of that scene. What he’s given us is Huck #1.

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Huck #1

Written by: Mark Millar

Illustrated by: Rafael Albuquerque

Published by: Image Comics

Earlier this week, mark Millar wrote an impassioned editorial about the origins for his new series, Huck, for You can read that piece here. In it, Millar basically frowned (and smiled upon) the comic book and comic book-to-movie production industry for making their stories about superheroes, once good and wholesome and absolutely heroic characters, all grim and gritty. The scene of Superman twisting his antagonist’s neck in Man of Steel was singled out.

Although he skates the line between abhorring and being enthralled by these more realistic stories, pointing a finger at himself as being culpable for many of them, Millar thought it was time to bring some semblance of positivity back to comic book heroes. After becoming famous for critically acclaimed and fan-admired hard-hitting stories such as The Authority, Superman: Red Son, Marvel’s The Ultimates line of comic books (which would go on to be the basis of their current movie franchises), The Secret Service (itself made into the film Kingsman: The Secret Service starring Colin Firth), Jupiter’s Legacy and the comics-to-film Wanted and Kick-Ass, Huck looks to something far different.

Illustrated by artist extraordinaire Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire) Huck tells the story of a simple man who does a good deed every day. That deed could be as simple as finding lost items for people – or saving prisoners of war in Afghanistan! Huck, you see, has super powers – and uses them for good. Huck, as Millar states in his gamesradar editorial, is the “antidote to the antihero”.

Although there (always) seems to be a tone that strikes me as disingenuous in Mark Millar’s rhetoric, mainly because he may be the industry’s greatest self-promoter, there’s no denying his talent with big concept ideas and comic book story. Huck, already optioned as a film, looks to be another winner. You can see a sneak preview of it here.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and find out what the heck Huck is all about!

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