Your Reality Is Under NEW MGMT #1 On The Wednesday Run

New MGMT 1 coverFor the past three years, Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT, published by Dark Horse Comics, has been enthralling readers who love the speculative, sci-fi spy genre.

At once, it’s been as fascinating as any Philip K. Dick narrative, as engaging as any John Le Carre novel, and as exciting as the best Wachowski films.

Today, MIND MGMT, after 35 monthly issues, comes to an end. Prepare for the astonishing conclusion in the one-shot issue, aptly titled, NEW MGMT #1.

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New MGMT #1

Written by: Matt Kindt

Illustrated by: Matt Kindt

Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The monthly MIND MGMT pushed the boundaries of comic book storytelling and even the format in which comic books were published.

For a long time now, comics have been published with chunked storylines that could easily be compiled as a single-story publication in hardcover and softcover formats. It was a little bit of monetary double-dipping for companies like DC, Marvel and all the others: money was made on a monthly basis, and then again at a later date when a title was compiled, repackaged and re-sold for bookshelves everywhere.

Although it followed the same overall scheme (would we expect anything less from an organization that secretly pulls the world’s strings?), each monthly issue of MIND MGMT contained bonus material, created by Matt Kindt, expanding the world building of the title. In addition to “fake” advertisements, new characters, new incidents and indeed, new storylines were introduced on the inside cover of each issue, a one-page documentary-styled entry titled “The Second Floor” that would tie into an issue’s main story – and have larger ramifications for the overall series.

It was this attention to detail that brought readers back, month after month. MIND MGMT, surprisingly, was also the kind of series that seemed to catch steam with audiences further and further into it’s run – no small feat in this day and age of comic book publishing where monthly comics tend to slowly lose an audience after the first issue.

With NEW MGMT #1 (a preview of which you can find here), the final chapter of the series, all of those stories, all of those dangling threads, get sewn together to form a complete tapestry: a comic series that is a true work of twenty-first century art, one that stands out from all others in this modern area of sequential storytelling.

Biff Bam Pop! was fortunate enough to interview Matt Kindt at the start of it all, in the spring of 2012. Read again today with the aid of hindsight, that piece sheds so much light on what the writer/artist was attempting to do with his series – an endeavor that proved a massive success both commercially and artistically. You can read (or re-read) that interview here.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the final issue of one of the greatest comic book monthly series to ever see print. Pick up NEW MGMT #1.

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