Worship Music, Comics & The Devil With THIS DAMNED BAND #1 On The Wednesday Run

This Damned Band 1 coverRemember the story of the guitar player who met the devil at the crossroads and sold his soul for guitar-picking fame and fortune?

Did you ever slowly spin your classic rock vinyl LP’s backwards on your records player so you can hear the hidden Satan-worshipping messages left by the band?

It’s all kind of ridiculously funny, isn’t it?

We hear at Biff Bam Pop! love classic rock.

And we love horror.

And comedy.

And that’s why you need to be reading This Damned Band #1, out today! More info after the jump!

This Damned Band #1

Written by: Paul Cornell

Illustrated by: Tony Parker

Published by: Dark Horse Comics

This Damned Band, a new six-issue miniseries from fan-favourite British writer Paul Cornell (he of the Doctor Who television and comic book series, Wolverine, Saucer Country and Action Comics) along with fantastic illustrator Tony Parker (Mass Effect: Foundation) looks to be a lot of things: a mocumentary on rock and roll in the 1970’s, a story of black magic, and a comedy about people who find themselves out of their depth.

It’s going to be a wild ride!

Billed as “Spinal Tap meets Ghostbusters”, This Damned Band is the story of 1974’s greatest and most famous rock band – who only thought they were worshipping Satan. What happens when they find out that they actually are venerating the most unholy of unholies?

You can catch a six-page preview of This Damned Band right here and see the visual nod to the great, classic rock acts of Led Zeppelin and The Who, as the band Motherfather plays a triumphant gig at the classic Budokan in Tokyo, Japan – date twenty-eight of their world tour. Justin Pearce, lead vocalist, who bares an uncanny resemblance to both Robert Plant, seduces the audience with his powerful vocals and showmanship, while lead guitarist Kev, who is a bit Jimmy Page, wails his instrument in some kind of ecstasy, lifting the crowd to higher highs.

All the while, the devil waits somewhere off-stage.

This is the life. This is the music. This is the band.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and rock out with the rest of us to This Damned Band #1!

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