Here Ends NEW AVENGERS #33 On The Wednesday Run

New Avengers 33Sometimes, I get things wrong. Release dates and such.

That’s what happened two weeks ago in this very column, when I anxiously suggested that Avengers #44, the last issue of the acclaimed series, was the one comic book you had to run out and get!

Problem is, that issue got pushed back by Marvel Comics to…today’s date.

I still stand by that issue – and that you should make the run today to pick it up. You can read all about why you should do that right here. But today it’s joined by its sister comic book: New Avengers #33 – also the last issue of the series! You see, everything’s leading to a cataclysmic conclusion – for both our heroes and the entire Marvel universe!

Follow me after the jump for some not-so-secret but still great news!

New Avengers #33

Written by: Jonathan Hickman

Illustrated by: Kev Walker

Published by: Marvel Comics

New Avengers, the sister comic to the monthly Avengers title has also been written by fan-favourite scribe, Jonathan Hickman, since its inception two years ago. I got into it a little late, chiefly because it was inherently linked into the larger “Infinity” storyline that Hickman had begun crafting in Avengers.

Where Avengers was sprawling with characters (too many heroes and villains to list here) and locales (outer space even!), New Avengers seemed to be the character-driven series. Here was a chance for readers to breathe a little, and learn more about the personalities and decision-making thought process of our main protagonists.

In New Avengers, the spotlight was firmly set on the “Illuminati” set of Marvel characters: Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange, Beast, etc., that seemed to have more knowledge regarding threats to the universe than any others. And they used that knowledge to “save” our earth, regardless of the social or moral consequences to their actions. Hard choices were most definitely made here and, as a reader, it was fascinating to see those choices made – where we witnessed longstanding relationships deteriorate because of those choices.

In terms of characters, perhaps the brightest spotlight fell on the relationship between Namor and the Black Panther. If you’ve been reading the series, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, pick up the trade paperback compilations now!

Secret Wars 0 coverIn any case, all that comes to an end today. But the storyline lives on. Everything within the pages of Avengers and New Avengers has been leading to next week’s release of Secret Wars #1. And you can get an early start on that series with the free teaser comic, Secret Wars #0 this Saturday, May 2, at your local comic book shop! It’s Marvel Comics’ contribution to Free Comic Book Day! Bring the kids!

But until Saturday comes, make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up New Avengers #33. It’s no secret – all endings in the Marvel universe begin in these very pages!

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