Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Comic Book Compilations Part 2

Mind MGMT Vol 1There are so many great comic book compilations available this holiday season, you’re sure to find something of interest for a friend or loved one (or yourself). The only thing you have going against you right now is time.

Still, it’s not too late to grab something and wrap it up before the holidays!

Here then, is the second installment of our great comic book compilation list. You can find the first one, published yesterday, right here. Of course, we have other comic recommendations for the holiday season here and here as well as more pricey picks here and here.

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Time is of the essence so let’s get right into it, shall we?


Mind MGMT, I think, is what you’d get if Phillip K. Dick decided to write comics. Government conspiracy meets super powers, is what we’re talking about here – emphasis on the conspiracy.

This story is like nothing you’ve read before and has, since it’s debut in mid 2012, has quickly become a fan and critic favourite. Author and illustrator Matt Kindt was interviewed about the burgeoning series and his plans for it, right here on this site and it was our pick of the week on The Wednesday Run on May 16, 2012 and May 23, 2012 as well. Yeah, we’re fans. Since that time, Mind MGMT has smashed through and exceeded all expectations and he’s now become one of the popular go-to writers in the comic book industry.

Mind MGMT was optioned by director Ridley Scott, but before you see it on the silver screen, and before the monthly series winds down to its inevitable conclusion next year, read it in one of the current four affordable and beautiful hardcover compilations, published by Dark Horse Comics: Mind MGMT Vol.1: The Manager, Mind MGMT Vol. 2: The Futurist, Mind MGMT Vol. 3: The Home Maker, Mind MGMT Vol. 4: The Magician.

The series made our Holiday Gift Guide last year, so it’s no wonder that it’s on our list again this year. It’s that good! You can find copies of each volume at your local comic book shop, or grab it for about $15 each on Amazon.

The Massive Vol 1The Massive

So, you’re looking for some post-apocalyptic, near-term, real-world science fiction with an environmentally conscious message comic book to read? Well, look no further! The Massive is for you (or whoever you’re thinking about giving it to)!

Published by Dark Horse Comics, The Massive tells the story of a group of sea-faring environmentalist not only trying to survive a post-crash earth, but still trying to find ways of bettering it. All the while they’re searching for their missing sister ship called “the Massive”.

Written by the acclaimed Brian Wood and illustrated by a few different artists, The Massive stands out as a distinctive voice in the comic book landscape. Of course, it made our pick of the week on The Wednesday Run as well, way back in the summer of 2012 and it has exceeded its promise of a great story.

Although the monthly The Massive monthly series is winding down (later this month with the publication of issue #30), you can catch up on a fantastic, smart and sophisticated character-driven story with one of three trade paperback compilations: The Massive Vol. 1: Black Pacific, The Massive Vol. 2: Subcontinental, or The Massive Vol. 3: Longship. Volume 4 will be published in January with the final volume later in 2015.

Your local comic book shop should have copies or you can purchase each volume for around $16 on Amazon.

FBP Vol 1FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics

Let’s step on over into some series science fiction. Theoretical physics, to be exact. Have I lost you already?

Don’t worry, the monthly Vertigo Comics series from Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez that was once called Collider for its first issue but changed its name to FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics from then on, makes the study of science all so mouth-wateringly fun! Here you’ll read about wormholes in kitchens, quantum tornados and dimension jumping at scenic vistas! FBP is the story of an earth where the laws of physics start behaving irrationally – and it’s the government team (later independent contractors) that have to stitch reality together again! It’s crazy, awesome fun! The first issue made our weekly pick on The Wednesday Run last summer, and we stand by that excitement!

You can currently find FBP in two paperback compilations called: FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 1: The Paradigm Shift and FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 2: Wish You Were Here at your local comic book or at a very affordable price of $9 and $12 respectively at Amazon.

Batman Vol 1Batman

Going through the archives of Biff Bam Pop’s comic book pick of the week column, The Wednesday Run, I noticed that there probably isn’t a single comic book series that has been highlighted as much as the monthly Batman series by fan favourite Scott Snyder (writer) and Greg Capullo (illustrator). Search the site – it’s replete! If you’re not reading it, you should be. And you should be giving its various compilations (hardcover or paperback) as gifts this holiday season to everyone you like because they should be reading it to.

This Batman series is dark, mysterious, terrifying and absolutely uplifting – all when it needs to be. Riveting stuff. Reading it, you’ll get some great (and brand new history) to Gotham City and the crime that infests it, some of the best Joker stories you’ll ever read, and hands down the best Riddler story you’ve ever come across. I can’t say enough good things about it. This run, now just over three years long, by Snyder and Capullo, may arguably be the best Batman run ever produced. This stuff is magic!

In five hardcover and softcover volumes called: Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls, Batman Vol. 2: The City of Owls, Batman Vol. 3: Death of the Family, Batman Vol. 4: Zero Year–Secret City, Batman Vol. 5: Zero Year-Dark City, you’ll be enthralled by the rich storytelling.

Do this!

You can find all five volumes at you local comic book shop or a decent pricing ranging from $10-$19 on Amazon.

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