Myth Making With Prometheus Fire And Stone #1 On The Wednesday Run

Here at Biff Bam Pop!, we’re big fans of the Alien film franchise. Who isn’t, right? So when Prometheus, a parallel spin off of that famous sci-fi/horror franchise was released a few years ago, we were all pretty excited.

Personally, I loved the first half of Prometheus and kind of liked parts of the last third, but it missed a lot of important storytelling marks for me. That said, perhaps the greatest strength of Prometheus was that it set up the promise of a whole new mythology from which other films, and today, comics, can draw upon.

Finally, new stories await fans with today’s release of Prometheus: Fire And Stone #1.

Prometheus 1 coverPrometheus: Fire And Stone #1

Written by: Paul Tobin

Illustrated by: Juan Ferreyra

Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is the natural birthing place for all new Prometheus-inspired stories.

Years ago, the company wisely (and successfully) licensed the Alien franchise and produced a number of fantastic comic book stories featuring both characters from the films and new ones to boot. I still remember picking up and absolutely loving their first six-issue mini-series that told the tale of Hicks and Newt, post Aliens the film, and their journey to the Alien home world – and the first encounter with the “Navigator”.

Fans lapped it up. That building upon mythology and tradition was what everyone wanted and Dark Horse gave it to us regularly each month, Alien-centric comic after Alien-centric comic. It was a beautiful thing.

So here we are again.

Instead of Alien, we’re at the beginning of a new age of myth making at Dark Horse Comics as their first series, Prometheus: Fire and Stone hits store shelves everywhere.

When the original Prometheus (from the film) ship never returned home from LV-223, a new team of explorers, bent on answering the questions of man’s existence, gets dispatched. Not only does this issue tie directly into the film, but it sets up an upcoming blockbuster event at Dark Horse Comics.

Join the Eisner-nominated team of writer Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra (Colder), as they bring action, adventure, philosophy and horror to the Prometheus: Fire And Stone four-issue series. You can catch a preview of the first issue here.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick this myth making book up!

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