Guardians Set To Guard The Box Office – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions

guardian-of-the-galaxy-poster1Biff Bam Pop’s Editor-In-Chief, Andy Burns, is away this weekend, touring the locales of scenic cult classic Twin Peaks.

That’s right! He’s attending the 2014 Twin Peaks Festival in North Bend,Washington, and you can follow the blogging exploits of that adventure at Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks And Andy Burns. Have a good time, Andy. And ekil uoy mug yojne.

That leaves me with the duty of predicting what could very well be the biggest opening box office weekend for a film in the history of all Augusts.

Follow me after the jump for this weekend’s galactic-sized predictions!

Up until this weekend, the largest August opening at the box office belongs to The Bourne Ultimatum, the third film in the original trilogy, which garnered $69.3 million when it was released in 2007.

Look for that record to fall. Hard.

Coming into August, it was said that Marvel Entertainment would be happy with Guardians of the Galaxy making $60 million on it’s opening weekend. I mean, despite the fact that it was a “Marvel” release, here was a film starring a talking raccoon and big plant! Jeez, when this thing was announced a few years back, even I was dubious – thinking it was a pretty stupid idea. Then that first trailer hit – and the tide of malcontent definitely shifted. It looked awesome!

This week, excitement started to build, when Hollywood bean counters came out with revised expectation numbers. $65 million looked within reach. Then, after early screenings, $70 million and a new August record! You want crazier? With the numbers that came in off of last night’s midnight showings, $100 million, apparently, isn’t out of the realm of possibility for Guardians of the Galaxy!

It’s got a talking, gun-toting, racoon for crying out loud!

Personally, I don’t think the box office numbers will be that out of this world for Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s sure to hit a home run out of this solar system! If you can’t remember why, here’s the reason:

So then, here are my Groot predictions for this weekend:

1) Guardians of the Galaxy – $85 million

2) Lucy – $ 15 million

3) Get On Up – $14 million

4) Hercules – $14 million

5) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – $10 million

The true battle this week is to see what movie finishes in second place. I think the ScarJo flick, Lucy, still has the legs to finish in that spot, but it’ll have to hold off the other film opening this week, the James Brown bio, Get On Up.

Be sure to check back on Sunday where we’ll discover whether my predictions are anywhere near the right galaxy!

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