Avengers Assemble S01 E14: Hulk’s Day Out


The Hulk crash lands from space with amnesia and a message of doom. The Avengers must help the bruised and confused Hulk piece together his previous day to find out how to prepare for this threat to Earth. Wait a second, isn’t this the plot to Dude, Where’s My Car?? Check me after the jump for my thoughts on “Hulk’s Day Out.”

Glass Menagerie

Iron Man is dealing with freak storms on the other side of the globe so it’s up to Captain America, Hawkeye, and the Falcon to recover Hulk’s memory. I’ve no idea where Thor is, maybe signing autographs, he is a movie star after all. Black Widow, as usual, is among the missing. It would be nice to have a female member of the team. If they’re not going to use Widow, how about bringing in the Wasp, the Scarlet Witch, or even Captain Marvel?


It is also nice to see some personality continuity being built up like Hulk’s collection of glass figures. I like that particular piece of irony. Now that such things are getting comfortable, it may be time for Jeph Loeb to cancel the series. After all, isn’t that what he did with “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”? Cancel it when it was getting good?

Hulk vs. Thing

The Hulk and the Thing is one of the classic Marvel slugfests. It is almost mandatory that they fight when they meet up. It’s almost like Namor showing up when Attuma is around. While we do get a little bit of the old tussle and bustle here, the writers give this a new spin.


They’re bowling partners. Yep, that’s right, they bowl together every week at Yancy Street Lanes. Some part of me lives this. In the comics, the Hulk is oft thought of as villain and monster, and except for recently and as a Defender, he has rarely been a team player. If the Hulk was the type of good Avenger character his new film and animation career suggests, hells yeah, he’d bowl with the Thing.

The Rainbow Connection

Speaking of Jeph Loeb and Defenders, the Avengers next stop is to see Spider-Man, or more accurately Jeph Loeb’s “Ultimate Spider-Man,” the series that “Avengers Assemble” had to be made to match up with continuity-wise. I really dislike Spidey talking about school. Isn’t the point of his secret identity that he’s a man, not a teenager? After Spidey gives his show plug, citing all the ins and outs of his new continuity, the Hulk bounds off after a rainbow.


There is also the Defenders connection. Somebody in the writers room remembers Hulk’s appetite for hot dogs. Dude subtext or not, this episode is getting my love, just for that. And a rainbow? Isn’t that how you get to Asgard? I guess maybe we know where Thor is, but still no Widow.


Close but no cigar. It’s not Asgard but the pretty prismatic realm of Glorian. This is a cosmic character from the 1970s, and not someone I ever would have expected to show up in an Avengers cartoon. A minion of the Shaper of Worlds, and most recently seen in the Annihilation series, here, Glorian is depicted as a maker of Hulk’s prized glass sculptures.


While there, we learn Thor was also there and raising a ruckus with Hulk. Again, if there’s anything better than a Hulk/Thing bout it’s Hulk vs. Thor. Our gentle green giant also vomits up a Lovecraftian case of indigestion that the team puts down quickly, also reminiscent of the old Defenders comics.

Don’t Eat the Moon

On Earth, things are getting bad, crazy storms, tides, and the like. It seems to be linked to the moon, where apparently Iron Man sent Thor and Hulk to ‘play’ while he was busy in the lab. Okay, maybe this episode isn’t so great. One of the things I’ve disliked throughout the series is how Thor is treated like a child. Our thunder god is a bit dim, but he’s no child.


Seems there’s a Lovecraftian monster eating the moon, and Thor knocked the Hulk to Earth to get help. Riiight. The creature looks familiar, almost Defender-y, but I can’t place it and the name Thor gave it is unfamiliar. Considering the obscurity hole they pulled Glorian out of, it could be anything.

A fun episode. Heh. Hulk, where’s my lunch? The best line of the show – the amnesiac Hulk to the enraged Thing, “Don’t hit me, rock-face, I have a head injury. And maybe a temper.” Classic.

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  1. Just saw it. Pretty fun episode, if still a tad catering to a younger audience (but we knew that going into Assemble). I feel like the writers would’ve run off with every corner of the Marvel Universe if they had enough time!

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