31 Days of Horror 2013: The Walking Dead S04 E03: Isolation


Holy Crispy Critters! Who torched Karen and David? Who’s feeding the walkers? Who’s the cool walker in the hippy shirt? Last week’s episode was very revealing, especially with Michonne and the way she reacted to holding the little ass kicker, Judith. Rick strapped on his gun and he’s back in control, but will he be able to win a battle with the Grim Reaper? Let’s find out after the jump.


While Glenn and Maggie help bury the dead, Tyreese meets with Rick, Daryl and Carol. They are trying to figure out who torched Karen and David. Tyreese calls it murder, but Rick thinks someone was trying to control the disease. They argue, and both go bat shit crazy Tyreese throws the first punch and Rick reciprocates. Keep your cool boys. You got bigger troubles.


This just ain’t Tyreese’s day. Now little sister Sasha is sick and Dr. S, team prison’s medic, isn’t looking too spiffy himself. Tyreese, the ticking time bomb, doesn’t want to leave little sister, but there’s a suicide mission to go on.


People inside team prison are dropping like flies. Even our “Go to Guy” is sick. Yes, Glenn is sick and separated from Maggie. The children are the most vulnerable and the healthy ones must be isolated from the infected. Carl is placed in charge of the children’s ward, and yes, he and dad talk. Carl knows what needs to be done. I think Carl has a better understanding of their situation than dear old dad and if one of the tots begins to turn; Carl has his gun. Same goes for Beth. She’s wise beyond her years and calmly explains to Maggie that no matter what happens, they’ll deal with it.

The infected adults are locked up on one side of the prison and the children on the other side, but there is only a hand full of people left to fight walkers. When Carl realizes that Hershel is heading for the woods, he goes with him. Ever wonder what happens to a walker if they can’t move? They grow moss. Hershel gathers some plants and heads back to the prison to make some elderberry tea. Don’t laugh, he’s on to something. Elderberry tea is proven to shorten the course of seasonal flu, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system, but I’m not too sure how it does with the plague. But remember my little zombie snacks, no good deed goes unpunished.


Road Trip

While Rick is playing CSI and investigating the crime scene, because maybe… just maybe Karen and David were murdered, Carol is playing duck, duck, goose with the walkers while trying to get to a fresh source of water. Are Daryl and Michonne bonding? I’m not sure what’s going on, but they’re acting awful friendly.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob go on a road trip, but two things happen: they hear a radio broadcast; and they hit a few bumps in the road, the bumps being a horde of walkers. How did they not see the walkers? Abandoning the car, they fight their way free, but where the hell is Tyreese and where are my Tums?

Conclusion and a Big Spoiler Alert

Oh my goodness! There’s so much going on in this episode. Tyreese, who up to now was hesitant to kill the zombies, wakes out of his funk, finds his mojo and comes out swinging. The team is now on foot and fifty miles is a long way to go on foot. The broadcast that the group heard on the car radio was about a sanctuary. Hershel was contaminated while doling out his elderberry Marocchino Latte. Rick questions Carol and she shocks him with her reply. I wasn’t shocked, Carol was in an abusive marriage, lost her daughter and saw her friends die. She’s team prison’s Don Corleone. Kudos to Carol!

Did you know that Melissa McBride was supposed to die last season? She talked Mazzara into keeping her character in the show. Yep, read this in October’s issue of Rolling Stone. Now, my little zombie snacks, that’s who you want to cover your back. See you next week and drink the elderberry tea.

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