31 Days of Horror 2013: The Walking Dead S04 E01: 30 Days Without An Accident


Okay my little zombie snacks, are you ready for some more zombies? What have Rick and team prison been up to since we last saw them? Do the survivors of Woodbury like their new digs? What has that rascally rabbit, the Governor (David Morrissey), been up to? Under the guidance of the new show runner, Scott Gimple, I’m anxiously waiting to find out what’s happening on the Season Four premiere. I’ll grab my jumbo size bottle of Tums and meet you after the jump.

Home Sweet Home

Veggies growing in a garden, mama pig and piglets rooting for food, rain barrel to collect water for the plants, are we in Kansas, my little zombie snacks? No, we’re at the prison and it’s becoming a home for Rick and his team. Seven months have passed and all is well with the world, except for the pesky neighbors who are gathering at the gates and hankering for some brains. But, no worries, the team has a work schedule all planned out; kill the zombies every shift. Although, Tyreese doesn’t enjoy killing the zombies, the children at the prison have taken to naming the zombies like pets; Carl ain’t happy about pet zombies.

Hershel and Rick season 4

Lot’s going on and oh my goodness, Carl is a teenager; lost those chubby baby cheeks. Daryl and Carol are intimate enough for her to call him “Pookey.” Our stud muffin, Daryl, has stepped up in his role of second in command. He’s even hunting game for the inhabitants of the prison. Yes, life is good at the prison. When Carol does story time with the prison children; she includes lessons on how to kill zombies; not your typical Romper Room curriculum, but necessary. I wonder why she didn’t want Carl to tell Rick what she was doing. You need to teach the next generation how to survive and Rick has to own up to that.


There are new people on the team: Zack (Kyle Gallner), who’s sweet on Beth; Patrick (Vincent Martella) who is a dead ringer for Harry Potter and he’s also the voice of Phineas on Phineas and Ferb; Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) who may or may not have a drinking problem; Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and sister Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green) are finally part of team prison. But, we also have our oldies but goodies like Glenn, Hershel, Maggie, Beth, Carol, and of course, Michonne who rides in on a horse bearing gifts for Rick and Carl. I sense a chemistry going on between Michonne and Rick. You don’t tell a man to shave, if you don’t care.

While the scouting team which includes, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, Bob Stookey, Zack and Sasha head into town to look for supplies, Rich goes hunting; but Hershel has to talk him into bringing his gun; What is going on with Rick? Is he seeing ghosts again? No, but he is putting his family first, and a big surprise, Rick is even accepting new people into the group; a big learning curve for our team leader.

Clara and Eddie

While in the woods, Rick sees a zombie and walks away… that is until the zombie asks for help. What? Zombies are talking? No, the woman only looks like a zombie. She says that her husband needs help. Rick wants to meet the husband and ask three questions. But, when he arrives at the camp, Rick gets a clue to just how crazy Clara is when she says, “It’s just a head.” Want to find out what happens, and what are Rick’s three questions? Watch the show, my little zombie snacks.

twd, se 4 ep 1

Daryl and his team aren’t doing much better on their trip. When Bob accidentally topples over a shelf in the store, it starts raining zombies, literally, they start falling through the roof and crawling out of the woodwork. Everyone makes it to safety except for one. I guess, when you lose so many people, you can get… numb to the pain and Beth’s reaction to Zack’s death is sort of… expected… you don’t cry, anymore. It may also explain why Glenn is so happy that Maggie isn’t preggers.

Conclusion and a Big Fat Spoiler Alert

I better buy some more Tums, because things are not what they seem and death doesn’t always come at you with snapping teeth. Sometimes, it comes as a cough, a fever; a plague. Patrick is feeling a bit under the weather and mama pig isn’t doing much better. We’ve been concentrating on the zombies for so long, that we forget that an enemy can be airborne. Rick has to keep his family and his friends safe. Can he do it? Who else will we lose? And where is that rascally Governor? If you get the chance, watch “The Talking Dead” and listen to show runner Scott Gimple give us a glimpse into what we may expect to see on future episodes in Season Four.


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  1. Believe it or not, until I read your review I had no idea that Tyreese and Sasha were brother & sister and I’ve been watching WALKING DEAD since Day One. It was worth reading your review of this episode just for that.

    1. Thank you Derrick. I think it was mentioned somewhere in Season 3, but this show is full of surprises. Happy to meet another fan!

  2. In fact, my wife was watching the WALKING DEAD marathon off and on this week and she asked me about Tyreese and Sasha; “Are they married? boyfriend and girlfriend or what?” and I told her no, they had just met up somewhere and stayed together and that led to us talking about how nice it was to have a TV show that didn’t automatically assume that every black man and woman on a show had to hook up together and become a couple, that they could just be friends and companions. Can’t wait to see the wife’s face when I break the news to her.

    1. I’ll see if I can find the link telling the fans about their being related. I can’t wait until next week. Thank you for following Biff Bam Pop!

  3. Great recap! The show’s start strong, which I’m hoping its writers will sustain with even more strong storylines!

    1. I think this is going to be a good year, Jack. They have lot’s of trouble coming at them from all sides. Thank you for visiting Biff Bam Pop

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