Avengers Assemble S01 E11: Hulked Out Heroes


The Hulk’s show, “Agents of S.M.A.S.H.,” got kicked to the curb for this morning, but it’s all good as he’s the featured player in today’s episode of “Avengers Assemble.” Everyone on the team is getting into the act and Hulking out this week. Join me after the jump for my review of “Hulked Out Heroes.”

The Widow and the Hulk

As predictable as it is, I really dug the opening sequence to this week’s episode. After so many stories in the background, or with only one line we finally get to see the Black Widow in action. We see her fighting, we see her Widow’s bite, and we even see her loyalty to the Avengers. Nice to see Nick Fury in action as well, even in that ridiculous long coat, sigh, he might as well be wearing a cape. I do like that the designers here actually managed to make the AIM beekeeper suits look cool. I do wish they would make Natasha a redhead though. I am hating these muted colors the animators use.


Meanwhile at home, the Hulk is getting irritable and throwing tantrums. That’s what Fury wanted to talk to Widow about, controlling the Hulk. We know what’s going to happen, it’s as telegraphed as a Peanuts cartoon. I like that Hulk and Hawkeye are pseudo-buddies like in the much-missed “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” series, but wonder about why Stark doesn’t get him special new pants like in that series, or at least make a Hulk-appropriate game controller for him?

The Blood Brothers

The Hulk is attacked by the Blood Brothers, and quickly joined in battle by the other Avengers, sans Black Widow of course. Iron Man describes these foes as ‘alien wrestling washouts’ turned ‘intergalactic thugs for hire.’ They are intriguing choices for baddies out of left field, but what Iron Man says isn’t quite right, and I had to wonder where he got his info.


In the comics, the Blood Brothers are Thanos’ goons. He’s the big bad currently attacking Earth in Marvel Comics’ latest event Infinity, so their appearance here is an interesting coincidence. I have to wonder if the mad Titan might be lurking about. Well, perhaps that is too much to hope for. Also in the comics the Blood Brothers were also sustained, as their name might imply, by a thirst for blood. Even though we’ve seen Dracula, that might be too much for the audience.


Here however the Blood Brothers’ gig is to attach a machine to the Hulk to weaponize his gamma energy and turned those around him into rampaging Hulk-like beasts. Yeah, you got it, Hulk-Vengers. The question is why don’t the Avengers’ costumes tear?


“Stay calm or I will smash you.” The words of the Hulk trying to help his fellow Avengers adjust to their new situation in Tower lockdown. We get a taste of what the Hulk goes through on a daily basis, treating everything gently so it doesn’t break. It’s like I’ve always theorized with Superman – his real greatest superpower is self-control.

The Widow and the Hulk Redux

When the Avengers lose it (are pizza bagels really that good?), only Black Widow and Hulk remain to stop them. Unfortunately Hulk overhears Widow’s conversation with Fury about a Hulk contingency plan. This is where the real story this episode is.


Even Hulk knows that Widow has a loyalty problem. Is she with the Avengers or with SHIELD? Her decision forges yet another friendship and hopefully makes her more of an Avenger. I hate seeing Natasha play wallflower. One question though – why does her SHIELD containment suit look so much like an AIM beekeeper suit?

More building blocks are in place to create a cohesive Avengers team now. Hopefully it will pay off, and soon the Avengers will finally face off against the constant threat of the Red Skull. The clock is ticking…

Next week… “Avengers: Impossible,” with Deadpool, Elektra, and the Punisher!


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