Watch With Amanda’s TV Pick Of The Week: Sons Of Anarchy

Yes, Breaking Bad is done but that doesn’t mean that wonderfully written, life changing, mind blowing television goes to the grave with it. Case in point: Sons Of Anarchy.

This pick of the week was hard for me, because after last week’s episode ended, it looked like we could be saying our final goodbye to my favourite character. Who knows what this week will bring, and that’s the beauty of Sons Of Anarchy, and its creator Kurt Sutter. He isn’t afraid of or influenced by what anyone thinks, so all of these situations are coming from that messed up head of his that we love so much. If his vision includes violently murdering someone that we care for so much, he’s going to do it and not even think twice about it. Check out the trailer for Episode 4 “Wolfsangel” below and read on for some more thoughts on this week’s episode airing Tuesday night at 10pm. OBVIOUS WARNING: Major spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up.

So from the trailer we still unfortunately, but not surprisingly, do not know the fate of Tig. In my opinion, he survives, at least this week. My reasoning is strictly from a timing standpoint. If they were going to do it, they would’ve done it at the end of last week’s episode. Shows don’t end with a cliffhanger like that and come back next week with a main character getting murdered in the first 10 minutes. You want those big moments to happen at the end of an episode so viewers immediately log into social media to lose their minds. I don’t know how he’ll get himself out of that one, but I have faith in my Tiggy.

Also from the trailer, we see the return of neo-nazi Darby as well as more angry Irish men and the T-1000 as an SOA member from another charter. Chibs also talks to Jax about him making major decisions on his own without bringing them to the club. Those decisions combined with the disturbed Lee Toric, and scorned Tara will once again make this a difficult season for Jax.

Speaking of Tara, does anyone else think she is in cahoots with Wendy?? Something fishy going on there.

For those of you who read into the episode name like I do, this is the description of Wolfsangel: A German term for certain heraldic charges. It represents a stylized wolf-hook, a German wolf-hunting device. A wolf-hook is used in a similar way as a fishing hook: it is attached on a chain which is anchored to a tree or similar stout object, and a bait is put on the hook. When the wolf eats the bait, it swallows the hook. The chain prevents the wolf from escaping, and it can be killed at will.


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