The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 15: “This Sorrowful Life”

TWD_GP_315_1102_0042Holy Brains on a Cracker! Last week’s episode, Prey was an hour of nonstop twists and turns, and no I wasn’t dancing, although, the Governor was providing some of his own eerie music. The people of Woodbury might be safer hanging out with the zombies because the Governor is losing it big time. He’s bent on revenge, and he’ll take down anyone who stands in his way. His goal is to torture Michonne and wipe out Team Prison. No one is safe, Tyreese and his group, even Milton; they could all wind up like Andrea. And what about Andrea, you ask? Let’s just say, that when the Governor whistles, run! Meet me after the jump.

TWD_GP_315_1102_0030Officer Friendly

Rick discusses his plans for Michonne with Daryl and Hershel, before going to talk with Merle. He needs Merle to do the dirty deed of bringing Michonne to the Governor. Rick is surprised when Merle tells him just how evil the Governor is and what he’ll do to poor Michonne and that Rick is “Cold as ice.”


Everyone is working as a team in keeping the walkers out of the prison and this scene is not wasted on Rick, who watches as Maggie, Carl and Michonne keep the walkers distracted, while Daryl helps Glenn drive into the prison. While Rick is looking for wire to bind Michonne, he sees Lori’s ghost again. Is she there to be his conscience? Will she change his mind?
Daryl tries to get Glenn to forgive Merle’s actions while he and Maggie were held prisoners, but sometimes forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow and Glenn is not in a swallowing mood.


He’s in a strange mood after the talk with Rick. Carol and Merle chat for a bit, with her explaining what he needs to do to be part of the team; play nice. Later, Daryl and he talk about his disappointment with Rick’s decision to hand over Michonne. Merle packs up some supplies, including the phone (why?) and captures Michonne. While on their way to the Governor, Merle and Michonne talk and she tells him that he blew his one chance to start a new life. After they’re attacked while Merle is trying to start a car, he changes his mind and sets Michonne free. Merle has his own agenda.


Glenn asks Hershel for Maggie’s hand in marriage; Hershel gives his blessing. He finds a ring, compliments of a walker and gives it to Maggie, who says yes. I just love weddings. Don’t you?


When Rick tells Daryl that he changed his mind about sacrificing Michonne, but that Merle and the girl are missing; Daryl goes looking for his brother. He finds Michonne who tells him that Merle set her free. What Daryl doesn’t know is that Merle is playing the Pied Piper with a flock of walkers. Merle uses the car and the loud music to lead the walkers to the area where the Governor and his men are planning their attack on the prison. A gunfight breaks out and a few people get shot. Merle shoots at the Governor, but kills Ben (Tyler Chase) from Team Tyrese. The evil Governor and Merle fight…

Back at the Prison

Rick comes clean and tells the group the truth. His plans for Michonne have changed, but now Merle and Michonne are missing. Thank goodness our Daryl is going to the rescue. Rick also tells team prison that he doesn’t want to be a Governor; he wants a democracy. Let’s take a vote. Do we stay or do we go?

*Spoiler Alert*
Do not read this part, if you haven’t seen the show. No peeking!

…Daryl finds Merle, but it’s too late.

Sometimes, good men do bad things…and sometimes, even a bully can change his ways. It was a pleasure seeing Michael Rooker and David Morrissey, together on “Talking Dead.” We’re going to miss you, Merle.

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  1. Sad seeing Merle go the way he did. Then again, this is The Walking Dead where life expectancy is close to zero. Everything’s gearing up for the finale. Can’t wait! Great recap 🙂

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