“The Walking Dead” Recap – Season 3, Episode 12: Clear

Walking-Dead-Season-3-Episode-12-Preview1“She has the whole world in her hand; she has the whole wide world in her…” Oops, got a little carried away thinking about last week’s show. Episode 11 was one plot twist after another.

The good news, Rick is back from the spirit world and hopefully… Lori will go to the other side and stay there. Stop distracting our team leader! Carl is growing up and Merle is playing nice. Tyreese and his friends have picked the wrong door prize, and for now, they seem to be team Woodbury. Andrea finds out that the Governor couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, but does she leave? Long sigh! No, she has Milton help her build her own zombie pet and off she goes to visit the prison. Andrea’s pet zombie was more welcomed at the prison than she was. Her friends are confused about her loyalty, especially Michonne. While Andrea meets the youngest member of team prison, Carol gives her a little ‘Dear Abby’ advice: Kill the Governor! Andrea returns to Woodbury but does she take Carol’s advice and send the Governor on a one way trip? Speaking of trips, where are Rick, Carl and Michonne going?  Find out after the jump.

TWD_GP_312_0912_0266Back Home

If Team Prison is going to survive a battle with the Governor, then they’ll need more weapons and ammo. While on the road, they pass a hitchhiker, get stuck in the mud, shoot some zombies and then get back on the road. The hitchhiker catches up to them, but once again, they drive away, too dangerous and not worth the risk. Rick heads back to his home town and to his jail, but all the weapons and ammo are gone. As they go through the town, they notice the graffiti warnings, the barbed wire, booby-traps, and the armed man on the roof shooting at them. They shoot back and the man goes down. When they take off his face armor, Rick recognizes the man.

mqdefaultOld Friend

Luckily, Morgan (yes, Morgan from season one) is wearing body armor and isn’t dead, but he isn’t sane either. While Rick touches base with Morgan (Lennie James), Michonne and Carl go shopping for a crib, but Carl has an important pitstop to make.


Morgan doesn’t recognize Rick right off and attacks him, screaming “You don’t clear me.” But when Morgan’s memory returns, so does his anger. He tells Rick that he listened to the walkie every day, but Rick was never there. We find out that Morgan lost his son, Duane, and it was his fault. Morgan didn’t have the heart to shoot his zombie wife, who later attacked Duane. His hold on reality now derailed, Morgan has one goal in life. He needs to “Clear” the town of walkers. Rick begs Morgan to join him at the prison.


Carl finds out that his house has been burned down. He’s looking for something and uses the excuse that the baby will need a crib. Michonne offers to go with Carl, but it’s not the crib he’s after. Carl is about to do something dangerous and Michonne argues with him; she is trying to keep him alive. He taunts her, telling her that she’s going to be kicked out of the prison as soon as they return.

When they enter the café, the walkers who have been waiting forever for their order, attack Carl and Michonne. Carl grabs a picture of him and his family, but loses it as he and Michonne escape. Michonne asks him to trust her. He does and she returns in a flash with his keepsake and something for her???

Farewells and Acceptance

Morgan isn’t leaving his giant mousetrap, what for; they’re all going to die anyway. Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him. As they’re placing the crib into the car, Carl tells Rick to make Michonne part of the team. It’s about time! Rick lets Michonne drive the car back to the prison, but remember that hitchhiker? He didn’t clear.


The dynamics of both Team Prison and Woodbury are changing, but will it be for the better or worse. Tune in next week to find out, but before I end this post, I have a trivia question for my little zombie snacks. Four people connected with “The Walking Dead” starred in a 2007 Stephen King movie. Would anyone like to guess which four? I’ll be back next week with the answer and the recap of episode 13: “Pale Horse.”

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  1. Good review. Excellent episode. As for your poser; Darabont (Director THD), Melissa McBride (Carol TWD), Laurie Holden (Andrea TWD) and Jeffery DeNunn (Dale TWD)…The connection? The rather excellent Stephen King film Adaptation of The Mist.

  2. Another well done review. You didn’t miss a thing. Why is it whenever someone shows a photo of themselves and the family, there is always a catch in the story? Hmm, makes me think!

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