“The Walking Dead” Recap – Season 3, Episode 10: Home

D w MBefore I review this week’s show let’s do a quick highlight of Episode 9. Daryl and Merle are saved by Team Prison. Yea Team! But Merle is voted off the team, forcing Daryl to leave with his brother. Not only were all my female friends and I upset about Daryl’s leaving the team, but so was Carol. Poor Michonne gets no respect for her help in saving Maggie, Glenn, Daryl and Merle. Really, what does she have to do to get on this team? I think she needs to send another zombie gram.

We watch as our little Beth steps easily into the role of adoptive mama for baby Judith. Glenn’s role is definitely growing in this season’s show. Tyreese and his group are unwanted house guests and get to watch Rick do his own version of The Sixth Sense. Rick gets to see more ghosts than I do on my ghost hunts. And what about the sunny town of Woodbury, you dare to ask? They fare no better. Zombies crash the party, the sulking Governor hides and Andrea does a cheerleader rally for the people of Woodbury. But, my little zombie snack, this is just the calm before the storm. Meet me after the jump.


imagesCAX0FVIGTonight’s show has Rick seeing his dead wife all over the place, first at the graves then outside the fence, like the white rabbit, always out of reach. He finally catches up to the fashionably dressed ghost. Michonne is watching Rick and thinking, “This is one crazy dude.” Glenn is so sure that the Governor is going to attack the prison, that he makes plans on attacking Woodbury first with Michonne’s help. Zombies are still breaking in and Hershel thinks that they should leave the prison, but he’s permanently injured and there is a baby, whose cries will attract walkers. Glenn asks Maggie to scout out Woodbury with him, but Maggie says no. She is upset and tells him about her near rape by the Governor. Glenn doesn’t know how to handle this and walks away.

Will they ever get over the horror of Woodbury? Beth understanding that Maggie is hurting gives her the baby to feed. A baby can always make you smile. In the meantime, Carol and Axel become friends and he tells her about his past. While fortifying the prison, Axel starts flirting with Carol.

imagesCAIWAAP6Meet the New Boss

The Governor tells Andrea how good she was in calming down the townsfolk, but when she wants to see her friends, the Governor offers her the job of Mayor. He even promises not to attack the prison, yeah, right. Later Andrea goes looking for the Governor, but he’s gone and no one is talking. Milton, who was ordered to keep an eye on Andrea, tells her that the Governor is out shopping. For what, more heads?

The Brothers

Daryl and Merle are finding their way through the woods when they hear a baby crying. There is a family under attack andimagesCA7TLMCN Daryl goes to help them. Merle reluctantly follows. They help the family, save the baby, and then Merle tries to rob them. Daryl stops him, they argue, we find out about their abusive father, and a plan they had to rob the group. Daryl misses his friends and when he learns that the Governor is planning an attack, he takes off for the prison, followed by Merle.

Waiting for a Sign

TWD_GP_310_0831_0481Hershel tries to talk some sense into Rick. The team needs him, but Rick is dazed and finally admits to Hershel that he’s been seeing Lori’s and Shane’s ghosts. Rick is waiting for a sign. He gets it!

The Governor and his men attack the prison and the first person killed is? Nope, you’ll have to watch the show to find out. Rick comes out of his daze and starts shooting, but the team is in trouble. And if that wasn’t bad enough, a truck comes out of nowhere and crashes through the prison fence. Is it Mister Softee? Heck no, it’s a truck full of walkers, compliments of the Governor.


Just when you think that team prison is doomed, in comes Daryl (my hero), Merle and Glenn to the rescue. The Governor has thrown the gauntlet down and now the war is on. Will Rick and the group be able to stay at the prison? Will the Governor attack again? Will Tyreese and his group return and join forces with Rick? Will Merle play nice? All I know is that Norman Reedus is “The Man”.

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  1. This show is getting better and better as time goes on. Great job with the recap. I’m looking forward to reading more in the coming episodes!

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