The Walking Dead Recap – Season 3, Episode 3: Walk with Me

David Morrissey as The Governor

Last week I concentrated on Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) evolution. In Episode 2: Sick, Rick is forced to protect himself and his team from the prisoners, but he does so in a violent and disturbing way. How has Rick changed since last season, even since last week? Find out after the jump…

Rick’s Evolution

He kills Tomas with a quick swing of a machete and then throws an unarmed Andrew out into a courtyard full of zombies. I could understand his eliminating Tomas. Our instinct to survive clarifies the implication of eat or be eaten. But throwing an unarmed man into the path of zombies threw me for a loop. Was Rick losing his humanity?

But after thinking it over this past week, I understood that this was Rick’s way of surviving the horrors he had seen and will see. He wasn’t losing his humanity, only locking it up behind that little door that we all have hidden in the primitive part of our psyche. And who was spying on Carol as she practiced surgery on a zombie?

The Copter

Episode #3 starts with the sound of an army copter in the distance. There are several soldiers on board and they are trying to contact someone, anyone. There is engine trouble and the copter goes down.

Michonne’s pets

Andrea, who is very sick, and Michonne are drawn towards the smoke from the crash. They don’t have too much time to check for survivors because several cars pull up on the scene. The women hide in the woods and watch as several men begin searching through the wreckage for survivors and find one.

The women are surprised to see the man who is apparently in charge give a death strike to the already dead soldiers. Michonne’s pets are getting agitated and to keep from being discovered by the strangers, Michonne cuts off her pet zombies’ heads. I was sorry to see them go. They were growing on me.

Someone sneaks up on the women and captures them. What’s worse than a zombie sneaking up on you?  Wait and see.

A Bad Penny

Merle (Michael Rooker) is back and meaner than before. The injured pilot and the women are taken back to the town of Woodbury and cared for.

Merle (Michael Rooker)

Merle asks about his brother Daryl and Andrea fills him in on what had happened to the group until she got separated from them eight months ago.

The Man in Charge

The man from the crash site enters the room and introduces himself. The Governor (David Morrissey) is in charge of the town of Woodbury, which he keeps well-fortified and under his control. The Governor explains to the women why he had to make sure that the soldiers were dead even though they weren’t bitten. Now Michonne and Andrea know the horrible truth. The women are given a room, food and clothing, but not their weapons.

The Governor and Andrea

The next day, while Michonne and Andrea are taken on a tour of the town, the Governor and Milton (Dallas Roberts) examines Michonne’s pets. They’re impressed that Michonne had used them as camouflage and that the zombies were made docile because they could not bite. The Governor and Doctor have breakfast with the woman to find out more about them and the group. Andrea wants to stay a little longer, but Michonne wants to leave. Andrea asks Michonne to tell her who her pets were, but Michonne walks away.

The Governor gains the trust of the injured pilot and promises to go save the other stranded soldiers, but does he? The Governor and his men return to Woodbury with weapons and supplies and tell the townsfolk that zombies killed the soldiers.

Andrea seems impressed with this man and asks him for his real name. His reply, “I never tell, never.”

A Secret

The show ends with the Governor having a drink, alone in his office, and staring at shelves of aquarium tanks filled with….?

You need to watch the show to find out.

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