31 Days Of Horror: The Walking Dead Season Two Refresher

Season Two, cast on porch

I love zombies, even though they scare the heck out of me, so I’m ecstatic that Season Three of The Walking Dead will start this Sunday on AMC. Based on the Image comic book series by Robert Kirkman, this award-winning and successful program is now the top rated show on AMC. I’ll be doing a review of each weekly show and giving my opinion of what is happening with our characters. I’ll be back with a recap of Season One and Two and what to look forward to in Season Three, right after the jump.

Season One Recap

Season One of The Walking Dead introduced us to Rick Grimes, a County sheriff, who wakes up from a coma to find himself smack in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Season Two, which I will recap with you here, follows Rick and the others in the group including his wife, Lori and son, Carl as they do all in their power not to become lunch while searching for a safe haven.

The herd surrounds the disabled RV

Losing Sophia

The Second Season starts after the literal explosive ending in Season One, where Sheriff Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, learns a secret from the one remaining scientist at the CDC before it blows to smithereens. Our ragtag group of survivors drives a caravan down a highway blocked with cars.

This scene reminds me of the New Jersey Turnpike during rush-hour. The RV breaks down and the group is overrun by a herd, yes, it’s the new name for a mob of zombies, like cows, only dangerous.

Forced to hide under an abandon car until the herd passes, Sophia, the twelve-year-old daughter of Carol, is frightened by a zombie and takes off. Rick goes searching for her, finds her, hides her, and tells her to stay put, but when he comes back for Sophia, she’s gone. Even during the apocalypse, we can’t get the kids to listen.

Carl Is Shot

The group takes turns trying to find her, no luck. Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, is out every day searching for the child and finding her has become a quest for him. You can tell right away that this man is a true survivor and if there is ever a zombie attack, I want Daryl on my team.

Daryl searching for Sophia

While looking for Sophia, Carl is accidently shot by Otis, a ranch hand from a nearby farm. Rick takes the boy to the farm in hopes that Hershel, a veterinarian, can help. Hershel has a secret of his own. He collects zombies in his barn, thinking there is a cure for the disease.

Shane Revealed

Shane and Otis go to a nearby school for supplies to save Carl. Zombies attack, Shane shoots Otis in the leg and leaves him for the zombies. When Shane returns and tells the others that he wasn’t able to save Otis, Dale, the elder mentor, becomes suspicious.


Lori sends Glenn, the younger and faster of the group and Maggie, Hershel’s daughter, to town to pick up a pregnancy test kit. This is a well-stocked pharmacy, apparently zombies don’t do drugs. To make a long story short, Lori is pregnant, which causes problems between Rick and Shane.

Sophia Returns

Glenn finds out about the zombies in the barn and tells Dale who tells the rest of the group. Shane wants the zombies dead and opens the barn door. As the zombies leave the barn, they are killed by the group.

Good news, Hershel realizes the zombies can’t be cured; bad news, Sophia was one of the zombies in the barn and it’s left to Rick to put her down. Hershel now wants the group to leave his home, but they refuse. I can sympathize with the man. I have the same problem with some of my relatives.

Infected Sophia leaving the barn

Meeting Other Survivors

While looking for Hershel at a bar in town, Rick and Glenn encounter a very bad group of men. Rick shoots them and then takes one of them captive. Randall was left to die by his friends who ran away because of an approaching herd. Back at the farm, the group is split on killing Randall. Dale is adamant that they let the boy live. Later that night, Dale is killed by a zombie that Carl had been teasing earlier in the day. Fearing there are more zombies, Hershel has everyone move into the house.

Shane vs. Rick

Shane takes Randall into the woods and kills him, then tells the group that Randall escaped from barn and attacked him. Daryl, Glenn, Rick and Shane split up to look for Randall. Shane leads Rick deeper into the woods so that he can kill him and have Lori for himself. They fight and Rick kills Shane. Shane becomes a zombie but is killed by Carl.

Let’s Not Forget About the Zombies

Meanwhile, Daryl and Glenn find Randall, but they’re puzzled as to why Randall is a zombie, no bite wounds. The shot from Carl’s gun attracts a herd of walkers who storm the farmhouse. Two people are killed and the rest of the group are separated and flee the farm. Andrea is surrounded by zombies, but she is saved by a hooded stranger using a sword. Rick finds a place to spend the night and finally tells the group that they’re all infected. In the distance we see a large facility, leaving us to wonder what it is.

Season Three, Michonne- first look

Season Three Teaser

Season Three of The Walking Dead, which begins on this Sunday at 9 PM EST, introduces us to new characters, The Governor, played by David Morrissey, and Michonne, played by Danai Gurira. This season will have our survivors fighting the dead and the living. So lock those doors and windows and keep a sharp ax handy. Season Three will show in two parts starting tomorrow with eight episodes and returning in February 2013 with the final eight episodes.

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  1. I cannot wait for the next season! I love that the producers kill off main characters. That’s a zombie reality for ya!

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