Saturday At The Movies: The Fan Expo Edition – Dead Before Dawn 3D & A Little Bit Zombie

A little different Saturday At The Movies this week. Rather than looking at one movie in particular, I thought I’d run down a couple of the films being featured at Fan Expo this weekend. If you’re going to down to the event, you can check out all the promotions on hand, and if not, you can learn more about some upcoming genre flicks either hitting theatres or that are currently out on DVD.

A Little Bit Zombie:

A zombie comedy that hit DVD this past Tuesday, the film is being featured over at the Anchor Bay booth at Fan Expo. You can say hi to the cast, check out some film props and grab a poster of the flick. If you like your zombies with a dose of humour, you’ll probably dig A Little Bit Zombie.

Find out what other flicks are being featured at Fan Expo after the jump!
Dead Before Dawn 3D

This is one to get excited about. Dead Before Dawn 3D is a Canadian flick starring Devon Bostick and Christopher Lloyd which is just starting its marketing push at Fan Expo Canada. The tag line is fun and a little intriguing – “Half Zombie, Half Demon, All Zemon!”. We had a chance to talk to writer/actor Tim Dorion and director/actor April Mullen about the film, which we’ll have onsite in the next few days. But don’t wait for that – check out the trailer below and then take a trip over the films Winnebago display and say hi to the people who made the film.

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