Happy 4th Birthday To Us!

Just a quick note to say it’s our birthday! That’s right, Biff Bam Pop turns four years old today. It’s been a great run for the site, thanks to everyone who contributes and reads each and everyday. This is a labour of love for everyone involved, but it’s honestly been worth the time and effort for all of us. Knowing that you’re reading and letting us flex our creative muscles is hugely rewarding and, to paraphrase the mighty Dirk Diggler once said, we’re going to keep rockin’ and rollin’, cuz we can always be better and we aim to.

This year, you’ll see our new anthology Strange World, the return of the Biff Bam Pop Holiday Gift Guide and much more. So thanks again for your support and for reading!

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  1. Congratulations and wishing you the best. When the anthology comes out, I’ll post the news on my blog, twitter, etc, etc.:)

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