Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide Day 18, Part 2: iPhone Projector Case

iPhone Projector Case - Biff Bam Pop!

Apple fanatics… we all know at least ONE; and for the iPhone junkie who has everything we’ve got the perfect present! In part two of today’s Holiday Gift Guide, we look at the iPhone Projector Case from Texas Instruments (TI) and specialty retailer Brookstone.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a fellow Apple fan, this powerful pocket-sized projector makes an awesome gift. With Texas Instrument’s Pico projector technology, this device allows you to plug your iPhone in for on-the-go video projection.
Designed like many iPhone battery cases, the Projector Case is small and self-charging with minimal bulk; it can even be used like a back up battery for your device – a great accessory for any iPhone user!

But of course the real appeal here is the prospect of subjecting others to your personal photos, videos, and apps; anywhere and at any time. With a 15-lumen-LED projection lamp (located near the headphone jack at the top) and a 0.5-Watt speaker (on the back) this device truly is a portable screening room for whatever you can access via iPhone. It works with with any app that supports dock-connector video out, including the stock Videos, Photos, and YouTube apps, and some third party apps. Reviews confirm that the Projector Case delivers on its promised up to 50” display with 640×360 native resolution. Like any projector, it works best in a dark room but can be whipped out just about anywhere. At $230 this is a beautiful price point for a device that lets you virtually photo and video bomb people with your iPhone content. You can order it from Brookstone here, and though it won’t arrive in time for the Holidays it WILL be there in time to show off all those embarrassing New Years photos. If you have an Apple fanatic on your list, the Projector Case is sure to impress!

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