Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide Day 18 – iPad 2

iPad 2If the geek on your holiday shopping list and is anything like me, they are basically crippled by their love of gadgets. There never seems to be enough disposable income to acquire all the toys, with all the functions, that a gadgeteer could want. Just when you think you’ve finally discovered the perfect device – the next version of it is released with EVEN MORE AMAZING STUFF!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the tech-lover on your list, let’s take a look at what one of 2011’s best, and most popular, devices; the iPad 2, has to offer. While it may seem hard to believe, the iPad 2 is coasting into it’s first holiday shopping season on the market.

Let’s start by weighing the pros:

The Tech Specs. They’re impressive. The iPad 2 boasts a dual-core A5 chip, front and back facing cameras, HD video capture capabilities and a 10 hour battery life – all contained within a device weighing just over half a pound.

The Cool Factor. It’s freakin’ cool. And it’s super sexy. The user experience on the iPad is so seamless and intuitive. There is no adjustment to feel comfortable navigating around the iPad, the interface just works how you think it should. One of the biggest surprises is that the keyboard is the perfect size. There were no awkward touch-typing gaffs that are commonly associated with the iPhone.

It’s Size. It’s incredibly light and it fits in almost any size bag. If you pair it with an iMac or MacBook with iCloud, not only is it small, it’s incredibly mighty. Open your iPad 2 and almost everything you own is at the swipe of your fingertips.

There’s an app for that. Whether you want to make fart sounds, manage your budget, or do anything in between, there is an iPad app available to get you there. Many of which are less than $5 – if not free.

And now, some of the cons:

It does not replace a laptop. The Gorillaz may have recorded their album Plastic Beach on an iPad (first gen), but don’t let that fool you. The iPad 2 is not a laptop killer. It’s fantastic for a whole pile of stuff, but even with multitasking you still can’t have a browser and a word processing document open at the same time.

It’s not an e-reader. Or maybe it is. I guess that’s up to you. The light coming off of a computer screen is terrible for your eyes and the iPad’s screen is backlight just like the computer you’re on now. Unlike the Kindle, the iPad isn’t doing your eyes any favours even if you don’t mind the brightness of the screen.

You need the Smart Cover. It’s a stand! It’s a cover! It turns your iPad on and off when you open/close it! It’s also sold separately.

You will undoubtedly be a hero if you give your loved one an iPad 2 this holiday, but definitely consider what the person you’re shopping for wants to achieve with their new gadget. It’s the perfect solution for someone with a primary computer, who longs for a sexy and simplified version to compliment.

You can pick up the iPad 2 at Authorized Apple Re-Sellers, The Apple Store, and online. It starts at $519.

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