31 Days of Horror 2019 Presents Around the Loop: The Ballad of Katie Vick

Katie Vick was the main character in what is arguably the worst storyline WWE ever produced, involving drunkenness, murder, and necrophilia.

31 Days Of Horror: BOOM! Studios’ ‘Rise of the Deadman’ Review

In ‘Rise of the Deadman,’ Chad Dundas has encapsulated the Undertaker’s 28-year-long story arc and the result is the perfect Halloween treat for WWE fans.

The Miles and The Money: WWE, Saudi Arabia and the Return of Shawn Michaels

What would cause a WWE superstar to come out of retirement and place themselves into a morally grey situation? Richard Kirwin narrows it down to two things.

31 Days of Horror 2014: See No Evil 2 (2014)

Back in the 1980’s, Stephen King famously said that he had seen the new face of horror and that it belonged to Clvie Barker. Now, while I know I’m not … Continue reading 31 Days of Horror 2014: See No Evil 2 (2014)