Speed Your Way To ‘The Flash #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Although I was aware of the longstanding The Flash comic book series (who wasn’t?), I didn’t become a fan of the hero until he heroically died in the pages of Crisis On Infinite Earths, the ground-breaking 12-issue series from DC Comics that aimed to streamline a haphazardly complex and convoluted universe of characters, timelines and dimensions.

Too late, you’d think.

But like all great Flash tales, being late is just an excuse to find new adventures and new directions.   

At that time in the fall of 1986, the speedster baton (and costume) was passed on from Barry Allan, the Silver Age and most well-known Flash, to his nephew, Wally West, the original Kid Flash and member of the Teen Titans. A new monthly series was released featuring the more mature hero attempting to find his place in the DC Universe in both honoring his late uncle and discovering him own identity.

Over the intervening decades and countless stories, Wally West become the defacto Flash for new generations of readers. Today, the Scarlet Speedster races into an exciting new direction with a new artistic team and a new first issue in The Flash #1!  

Written and illustrated by fan favourites in Si Spurrier (Coda, X-Men Legacy, Uncanny Spider-Man, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, John Constantine: Hellblazer, The Dreaming) and Mike Deodato Jr. (Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Elektra, Glory, Wonder Woman), The Flash #1 stars Wally West alongside his whole family. True to the silver age of comic book storytelling and the title’s historically strong relationship with far-out science fiction (The Flash series originally birthed the DC Multiverse with it’s “Flash of Two Worlds” storyline in the fall of 1961), this new series has a firm grasp of everything that has come before but sets a course for a new, darker direction.

It’s the perfect staring gun blast for both new and old readers!

In studying and experimenting with his abilities more deeply than ever before, Wally West begins to realize that there’s something profoundly hidden beyond the known Speed Force – the energy that gives both he and all speedsters their power to run fast – sometimes faster than light, break dimensional barriers and traverse time and far-flung space itself. There’s a dark whispering that is gathering voice and new realms, allies and terrors await West and all of his loved ones!

This is a Flash series full of science fiction, cosmic horror, heroic adventure and the joys and tribulations of being a family man, all rolled into one. The compelling oeuvre of work from both Spurrier and Deodato promise that this will be a can’t-miss story for the ages!  

Race into wide-eyed comic book thrills! Tap into the Speed Force and make a run to the local comic book shop and pick up The Flash #1 today!

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