Survive The Wilds and Find Yourself With ‘Lost Boy’ On The Wednesday Run

We’re nearing the end of our summer holidays.  

You could be forgiven for already feeling nostalgic about patio weather, outdoor concerts, and time spent with family in the backyard or on day trips.  

If you’re of a younger age, the mind might be turning towards the new school year. You might already miss your time lazily bicycling through neighbourhood streets and parks from dawn until dusk with friends. Or maybe it’s just hanging out at the local mall, movie theater or ice cream parlor.  

In either instance, it’s been an enjoyable few months of relaxation and, perhaps, discovery.   But transpose those warm and cozy summertime feelings with the cold desperation of survival and you’ll get the riveting graphic novel, Lost Boy.    

Written and illustrated by acclaimed music video director Jay Martin, who has crafted (moving) visual works for musicians such as Shawn Mendes, Kelly Clarkson and Death Cab For Cutie, among many others, Lost Boy is the tale of a young boy finding himself, his courage and his strengths, against the backdrop of loss and adversity.  

Published by Dark Horse Comics, the 128-page Lost Boy paperback graphic novel is the story of a young boy named Jack who, following a deadly car accident deep in the Wyoming wilderness, must survive alone against the freezing weather and inhospitable nature while trying to find civilization. It’s a coming-of-age tale, where the secrets to survival aren’t always the first things that you might think.  

Interestingly, although Lost Boy is Martin’s first foray into comic books and the graphic novel format, his background as a storyboard artist on films such as Constantine, I Am Legend, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Ad Astra have seasoned him into a visual artist that employs wonderfully broad panoramas. Here, Martin magnificently juxtaposes the frightening wide beauty of the Wyoming landscape and the aching smallness of one little boy.  

Lost Boy is a wonderful tale of experience – for both story protagonist and story reader.  

It might be nearly the end of summer, but it’s nowhere near the end of summertime discovery. Find yourself by making the run to your local comic book shop or bookstore today and pick up the Lost Boy graphic novel.    

You can catch a sneak peek at Lost Boy right here.

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