Songs in the Key of X, Episode 66: The 1981 Show

Put on whatever you wear for time traveling! Goggles, maybe? A jaunty cap? We’re following up our 1980 shows with the only logical sequel: The 1981 Show! How’s that for long-term storytelling? Join Jeffery X Martin as he impels you to follow him to when the world was young, music existed, and dinosaurs roamed the earth. Mostly in South Dakota. We don’t know why, either. Don’t argue with science. It’s The 1981 Show this week on Songs in the Key of X! Intubate your earholes with sweet 1980s goodness. There are videos beneath this paragraph, mysteriously related to the podcast.

Are you still here? Neat! Go ahead and follow that old reliable BBP Songs in the Key of X playlist over at Spotify! It’s great music to clean to!

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