Treat Your Artistic Self To The Classic ‘Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artists Edition HC’ On The Wednesday Run

Some days, you just need to treat yourself.  

Maybe it’s been a long day or week at the office. Maybe it’s been an even longer month, season or year. Maybe it’s a certain special event or holiday that has come up and you deserve some niceties sent your way.  

Maybe it’s for no other reason than we need to make sure, above all else, that we look after ourselves and make ourselves happy on occasion.  

We all carry too much weight these days – it’s high time to alleviate some of that trouble. What better way than with great superhero stories and, specifically, super heroic art?  

Today sees the release of the fairly expensive but absolutely stunning must-have of the oversized Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artist’s Edition H/C.  

In the late 1970’s, twenty-two-year-old artist Frank Miller, was making a name for himself on Marvel’s Daredevil monthly comic book series. Following a visual trail originally blazed by artistic luminaries such as Will Eisner and Neal Adams, Miller brought a hard-hitting, real-life, noir sensibility to the comic book title. But Miller quickly began to push the envelope of storytelling further still, setting the stage for the hyper-realized bombast and artistic flare that he became known for a half decade later throughout his visual storytelling style.  

In the early 1980’s Daredevil became Miller’s playground as both writer and artist. Through the use of a b-list superhero, he was honing his craft. Together with frequent collaborator, penciller and inker Klaus Janson, Miller would redefine crime comics and comic book storytelling for a new generation of readers. He created some of the most important Daredevil tales in history where each issue was a promise for more even important comic book works to come by the creator, soon to be seen in the world renowned Ronin, The Dark Knight Rises and Sin City.     

Published by IDW Publishing, the 144-page Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artist’s Edition H/C is a huge celebration of Miller’s work on that seminal late 70’s, early 80’s title. It’s a treat for readers who love both the story and the art, showcased here in a black and white oversized format that is a true reproduction of Miller’s original penciled page. More than just reading or re-reading the stories, here, you can marvel at his figure construction and panel and page layout, more apparent and up for study than you’d find in the regular-sized Daredevil floppy comic format.  

The Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artist’s Edition H/C is a coffee table book, a full-on gift to any lover of art and story. It contains a number of Miller’s early issues, including #168 which was the first appearance of fan-favourite assassin, Elektra, along with the oversized and historically important reproduction of issue #181 – the culmination of the “Death of Elektra” storyline. The hardcover compilation also contains more than 20 cover images, all of which are a sense-shattering feast for the eyes.  

Make the run to your local, better, comic book shop or bookstore today and treat yourself to the Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artist’s Edition H/C.  

Even more than deserve – you’ve earned it.  

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